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Drone Toolkit Accessories: Must-Haves for Pilots

Drone Toolkit Accessories: Must-Haves for Pilots

The drone tool kit provides important support for long-distance flying and capturing creative shots, and also provides more possibilities for some DIY drone enthusiasts to build drones and repair drones. Here we'll discuss the essential accessories that every drone pilot toolkit should have, from basic tools to advanced gadgets and software.

Part 1: Basic Tools (Drone Repair or Build)

Drones are sophisticated and compact high-tech products, so you need to maintain your drone regularly. In your drone kit, you should have screwdrivers, pliers, tweezers, soldering iron, multimeter, cable ties, and more.

These basic tools can help drone pilots deal with some small daily problems and maintain your drone in time. It is not recommended for non-professionals to disassemble the drone for viewing, as this will void the warranty.

Drone Toolkit

Part 2: Drone Accessories (Drone Mounting Accessories)

Drone accessories serve the flight of drones, and each drone will have some fixed accessories to help drones fly further.

Common drone accessories are: extra batteries, battery chargers, propellers, memory cards, propeller shields, gimbal shields, ND filters, landing gear, landing pads, and suitcases.

These drone accessories are very effective in improving drone flight and can provide some protection. Autelpilot store offers special promotions for EVO Nano series & EVO Lite series accessory kits, buy more accessories and get more free, come and check the bundled offer On the Go Bundle.

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EVO Lite Series On the Go Bundle


Part 3: Drone Accessories (Advanced Accessories for Drones)

Hardware ecological products

Advanced drone accessories are usually suitable for more advanced photography drones and commercial drone flight platforms, including drone hardware, drone software, and drone virtual services. They form a complete ecosystem with drones .

The hardware ecological products of advanced drone accessories include: advanced intelligent controller, GPS tracker, lighting kit, throwing kit, FPV goggles, etc.

These advanced hardware accessories for drones can fully enhance the safety of drones and maximize the benefits of drones.

Software Ecological Products

The hardware ecological products of drone advanced accessories usually refer to the software embedded in the drone remote control app, such as ground station software, flight planning software, data analysis software, video editing software, image editing software, and weather applications.

Some of these drone program software are developed by drone manufacturers themselves, and some are provided by specialized drone service companies. These software are used for data collection and better processing of drone image data.

When the drone manufacturer opens the drone SDK permission, the drone user can also customize the drone software.

Drone Virtual Services

Drone virtual services usually refer to drone insurance, trade-in programs such as Autel Care, DJI Care and other services.

In conclusion

Building the right drone kit is essential for every drone pilot. Whether you are a novice pilot or an experienced pilot, having the right tools and accessories can effectively enhance your flying experience.

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