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Drone Solar Panel Inspection

Drone Solar Panel Inspection | Everything You Need to Know

The continuous development of drone technology has promoted its integration with multiple industries. Drone solar panel inspections are exactly what drone aerial inspections have done to revolutionize the solar industry.

The drone can capture high-resolution images and 4K video in minutes. The zoomable camera drone also provides a clear view of minor faults, reducing measurement errors. Industrial drones with thermal imaging can also detect any energy loss and performance issues with solar panels.

Thermal Drone Solar Inspections

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Drone Solar Inspections vs. Ground Inspections

Time Savings - The convenience and ease of use of the system helps solar panel owners save time on maintenance activities throughout the infrastructure. Increased Productivity Using drone technology to inspect solar panels is much more effective and efficient than using normal ground-based maintenance.

Cost Savings – Utilizing drones to conduct solar inspections costs less while providing accurate data that can be used to analyze those solar panels that are not working properly to maximize their productivity.

Drone Solar Inspections

Perform high-quality maintenance - Professional drone inspectors trained are fully capable of handling drones by flying the drone close enough to the solar panels and inspecting them for any possible faults or necessary Maintenance to perform more efficient maintenance.

Using the Latest Drone Technology - Using a drone to check the quality and condition of your solar panels makes it a great way to contribute to the future of drone technology and use new innovative methods for maintenance and care monitoring.

Drone Solar Panel Inspection FAQs

Drone Solar Panel Inspection

What are drones used to inspect solar panels?

Solar inspections are best done with both thermal and visual RGB cameras. The RGB camera ensures clear images, and the thermal camera ensures that faults that are difficult to observe with the naked eye, no matter day or night.Our recommendations: Autel EVO MAX 4T, Autel EVO II 640T V3.

How much does it cost to thermally inspect solar panels with a drone?

On average, a drone thermal inspection of a solar panel costs $800 to $2,000. This is the average price for one service by the drone service team, and the price of buying a drone with thermal imaging does not exceed $5,000, which can be used for a lifetime.

Do solar companies use drones?

By using solar panel inspection drones in the renewable energy field to quickly and accurately inspect solar panels, it is recommended that solar companies prefer to buy their own drones when hiring drone service teams. Autonomous drones are often easy to learn, and drones can guarantee accurate image data and provide live on-site coverage.

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