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Drone Power Inspection - Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3

Drone Power Inspection - Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3

The drone power inspection industry has gradually become an important field. High-tech drones are replacing helicopters and manual inspections, improving inspection efficiency and reducing safety risks.

UAV power inspection is highly efficient. Compared with traditional inspection methods, drones can quickly and accurately complete the inspection task of power equipment without manual intervention. Moreover, drones can also be equipped with various sensors and cameras to realize real-time monitoring and data collection of the status of power equipment, thereby improving the accuracy and timeliness of inspections.

Drone power inspection can reduce safety risks. Electrical power inspections require entering dangerous environments such as high altitudes and high voltages, which poses great safety risks to personnel. Drone inspections avoid direct contact with high-voltage equipment and other dangerous areas, avoid the risk of personal injury, and protect the safety of workers.

Suitable for drone power inspection: Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3

Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3 is equipped with a high-precision RTK module and high-resolution camera lens, which is very suitable for drone power inspection tasks and helps to better detect potential problems.

Autel EVO 2 Pro RTK V3 uses RTK technology (real-time dynamic positioning), which can achieve centimeter-level high-precision positioning, provide more accurate location information, and help pinpoint potential problems or risks.

The drone is also equipped with a 1-inch CMOS sensor that captures 20-megapixel resolution high-definition photos and supports 6K@30fps video. This means it can capture more detail and clarity, allowing for more accurate identification and assessment of defects or damage to electrical facilities.

When conducting drone power inspection missions, EVO 2 Pro RTK V3 can fly in the built-in smart mission mode, which can quickly improve inspection efficiency and reduce the operator's workload.

The EVO 2 Pro RTK V3 drone has a flight time of up to 40 minutes and is equipped with a high-capacity battery, which can cover a larger inspection area. In addition, it supports remote control distance up to 15 kilometers, allowing operators to monitor and control the drone safely and conveniently, and obtain real-time data even far away from the inspection point.

For power inspection tasks, you can connect Live Deck 2 for real-time viewing on multiple terminal devices, which allows inspection personnel to better identify problems and achieve information sharing.


The advantages of drone power inspection are very obvious, with many advantages such as high efficiency, safety, cost saving, and environmental protection. There are obvious cost advantages in purchasing a high-performance drone. The Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3 drone will be an important member of the power inspection drone fleet.

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