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Drone Modding: The Importance of Drone Accessories

Drone Modding: The Importance of Drone Accessories

As an important aerial asset, drone modification has become something that many drone players talk about! Whether it is a recreational drone or a commercial drone, they all have a lot of room to play. Drone DIY enthusiasts can modify the drone within a limited range to improve the endurance of the drone. Flying ability, anti-jamming ability!

Keen drone aerial photographers can make many mods to get better shots. And drone beginners can use some drone accessories to broaden the performance of the drone! Here are some tips for drone pilots!

1. Antenna Booster

The flying space of drones is limited. Whether it is a restricted area for drones or an area with strong GPS signal interference, UAV drone pilots cannot get a good flying experience! Some people don't even let drones fly over my house, and they have drone jammers to stop it!

With the drone signal booster, the drone can have a clearer transmission signal to increase the flight distance and help reduce the possibility of flying away. The drone will play a better role in areas with poor GPS signals s help!

2. Camera upgrade

When upgrading your camera, there are two factors to consider: still photo resolution and video capture quality. For video capture, Ultra High Definition (Ultra 4K) resolution is what most pilots shoot for.

Some drones work well with optional cameras, such as the GoPro line. This may provide an upgrade possibility for those who don't have a high-quality camera. One of the nice things about owning a GoPro is that it can be attached to other things, like a headband when racing mountain bikes or participating in extreme sports.

3. Camera Filters

Photos and videos can be upgraded with camera filters. Common filters for drones include protective UV filters, neutral density (ND) filters, and circular polarizing (CP) filters. ND filters reduce light levels without changing colors. CP filter reduces glare and improves image quality. Using a filter on your camera will also help protect the lens from damage. The drone modification behavior of adding filters is very simple, and drone beginners can also master it!

4. Stable gimbal

One of the most useful items to improve image capture is having gimbal stabilization. This helps you get smooth, clear images and videos. If the drone design allows, drone DIY enthusiasts can add a gimbal stabilizer as a module for drone modification, which is very important for the drone to maintain a stable picture under high-speed flight!

5. Carbon fiber propeller

Drone collision avoidance is an important issue that every drone pilot should consider. Regardless of whether the drones has an obstacle avoidance system or not, we should consider how to reduce the consequences of drone collisions! For example, buy a carbon fiber propeller with a more anti-collision effect. Compared with ABS plastic propellers, UAV drone carbon fiber propellers are more downwind and can reduce the impact damage to drones !

6. Propeller guard

The propeller guard can well protect the propeller from being damaged in a collision. Collisions can happen unexpectedly, such as when a sudden strong wind blows and blows your drone off course. Guards prevent propeller damage and reduce the chance of blade pinching. Autel EVO drone series all have different suitable propeller guards!

7. Portable landing pad and leg stretcher

Using a drone landing pad makes it easier to get a level surface that is well protected for both landing and takeoff without kicking up dust and debris. Dust can cause damage to drones when it gets into the motors where the electronics reside, or the drone housing.

If you plan to land your drone in tall grass, invest in leg extenders. This prevents its propellers from getting stuck and possible damage.

8. Motor

Increasing the motor strength improves the flight characteristics of the drone. Such as stable hovering or flying in strong wind, flying faster! But please note that the drones motor is one of the important accessories of the UAV drone. Random replacement is very likely to cause the drone to malfunction, resulting in various problems and accidents of the drones!

9. Battery

Drones need to be equipped with high-capacity lithium-ion batteries. Usually, each drone brand has its own special drone battery encryption protocol. Once you buy a drone with a brand endorsement, don't change the performance of the drone's original battery, which is very likely to damage the drone's firmware! At the same time, attention should also be paid to the storage and charging and discharging frequency of lithium-ion batteries. Drones batteries need regular maintenance!

10. GPS Tracker

If your drone does not have GPS navigation/positioning capabilities, it is best to install a GPS tracking device. You can use this to locate your drone if it is lost due to a sudden fly away due to a loss of the drone's signal to its controller.

In conclusion

Experience drone modding, it's fun to add custom modifications to your drone that can improve the flying experience and its image capture capabilities. Swapping out lower-quality parts with higher-quality replacement parts can also increase its lifespan and durability. But at the same time, it needs to be noted that there are always risks in modifying high-performance drones, and we need to consider the cost of failure!

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