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Drone Light-Painting

Drone Light Painting Art: Incredibly Wonderful Performance

The art of drone light painting has become more of a form of performance, programming the flight trajectory of the drone, and using the drone lights, you can get images or text in the night sky.

A stunning drone light show appeared in the night sky with the roar of drones.

Artist Frodo Álvarez, who goes by the name "Child of Darklight", has completed an incredible, intricate painting of five drones working together to lightly paint the sky . The finished product is large and detailed, depicting a man about to kick a ball, floating above the football field.

A professional drone light show will bring a shocking visual experience, and the potential and possibility of drone light painting are constantly increasing. There is a good chance that drone light shows will replace fireworks in the future. Fireworks are a form of performance that is extremely polluting and has a high potential for wildfire risk.

Drone light painting art will offer more creative options than fireworks. Drone performances will produce a wider range of dynamic effects and become an emerging and exciting form of entertainment.

Drone Light ShowAs a light painting artist, Álvarez gradually began to consider the possibility of drone cooperation. and it worked.

Álvarez worked with the UMILES Drone Light Show drone team to design and use lights to paint portraits of football players about to kick the ball into the sky.

Considering whether the quality of the light painting image of the drone is good enough, you need to ensure the completion of the two main tasks of drone programming and drone photography. drone programming can plan the flight trajectory and travel route of the drone in advance to ensure that the drone will not collide.

Drone Light-Painted

The drone photography challenge requires constant test flights to ensure composition, such as the size of the football, the spacing, and the viewing angle, Álvarez said. Taking aerial images of the drone requires adequate exposure of the lights drawn in the scene.

The drone's light-painted imaging took four attempts to finally capture the finished product. "Children of Darklight" uses five drones, carefully programmed to try and get the perfect rendering.

What Should I Pay Attention To In The Drone Light Show?

Drone light show performance is a very expensive way of performing, requiring regulatory approval, and each drone must be accurately mastered. Drones have expensive and limited insurance options, which are labor-intensive operations. Safety requirements must be fully considered. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the following aspects of drone performances.

Drone Battery

The battery capacity of the drone determines whether each drone can complete the performance and fly according to the programmed drone's travel trajectory. At the same time, it also determines whether the drone lights can be displayed perfectly.

Number of Drones

To achieve a larger and more attractive 3D image of the sky, the number of drones can only be more or less. And a larger number of drones will result in higher performance costs.

Show Design Complexity

Drone light displays are programmed, and drone light shows are created manually or autonomously using a series of applications that show drone coordination and rehearsal to design the drone's imaging display.

Airspace Authorization and Regulatory Compliance

A very important aspect is the airspace authorization of drones. As a performance drone, it obviously involves the scope of commercial drones, and it is necessary to pay special attention to the relevant requirements of the FAA at night, and pay attention to legal compliance.

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