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Drone License Explained

Drone License Explained: New Regulations in China and the United States

Drone newbies worried about whether their aviation complies with regulations? Here we will tell you the complete drone license instructions.

FAA Instructions

Every drone pilot needs to clarify whether his drone belongs to a recreational drone or a commercial drone. There are significant differences in operating regulations between recreational and non-recreational drones.

FAA Part 107 explains how to obtain a drone license for non-recreational flying, while Part 101 is for recreational flying.

Currently, there are no drone license requirements for recreational drone flyers. Recreational drone flyers are required to pass knowledge and safety tests to prove you comply with recreational drone laws. It is worth mentioning that drones weighing less than 249g are exempt from registration with the FAA.

For 99% of commercial drone pilots in the United States, they fly under Part 107 and must obtain a commercial drone license (Remote Pilot Certificate).

In addition, all drones that need to be registered should be equipped with a remote identification device (Remote ID) in accordance with FAA requirements before September 15, 2023.

China’s new regulations explained

China's State Council and the Central Military Commission announced the "Interim Regulations on the Management of Unmanned Aircraft Flights", which will come into effect on January 1, 2024.

The "Regulations" point out that drones are divided into micro, light, small, medium and large based on performance indicators such as empty weight, take-off weight, and flight speed. Owners of civil unmanned aircraft must register with their real names in accordance with the law, regardless of type.

Personnel who fly micro and light drones do not need to obtain a pilot license, but they should be proficient in operating methods of relevant aircraft types and understand risk warning information and relevant management systems. Personnel who control the flight of small, medium and large drones should apply for training and assessment and obtain the corresponding civil unmanned aircraft operator license.

Type Model Is real-name registration required? Do you need
Is it in accordance with the law? 
Lightweight EVO Max 4T/4N
EVO Enterprise V3
EVO II Dual 640T V3
EVO II RTK Series V3
EVO Lite / Lite+
EVO Nano/Nano+


A theoretical training certificate is required outside the airspace suitable for flying

Not required for non-business activities

Business activities

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