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Drone Family Photography: Your Aerial Family Portrait

Drone Family Photography: Your Aerial Family Portrait

Drone photography is becoming a new way to entertain families. Drone family photography shows us a whole new perspective, and more and more families are starting to use drones to spend time with their families!

Why does your home need a drone?

1. Beautiful family moments overlooking

Drone family photography gives you a unique perspective on the beautiful moments in your family’s life.

When the family goes out for fun, whether it is picnics, outings, or some sports, such as cycling, mountain climbing, etc., drones can capture wonderful moments from different angles.

With the height of the drone, you can easily capture the laughter and warm scenes of the entire family and record every precious moment.

Drone family photography

2. Explore new perspectives on family activities

Drone family photography is not just limited to family gatherings and events, it can add more fun and exploration to your home life.

Drones can take your family to explore the surrounding natural scenery and charming scenery, such as mountains, lakes, forests, and beaches. The aerial photography perspective of a drone allows you to enjoy the magnificent scenery that is usually unreachable, bringing a new visual experience and adventure fun to your family.

Family Portrait

3. Create a unique family photo album

Drone family photography offers you a great way to capture precious moments with your family. With photos and videos captured by drones, you can create a unique family photo album that records the growth, laughter, and emotions of your family members.

Not only do these photos become lasting memories, they are also a great way to share moments of your life with your loved ones. Flying a drone together is certainly a fun and engaging way for the whole family.

Drones can also be unique Father’s Day/Mother’s Day/Children’s Day holiday gifts, let’s explore the wonderful world of drone photography together.

Drone Gift

4. Enhance family fun and intimacy

Drone family photography is more than just a recording tool, it’s a way to increase family fun and intimacy.

Accompanied by drones, family members can explore and experience novel things together, share the fun of taking photos, and enhance each other's feelings.

By participating in drone photography activities together, your family will become closer and more harmonious, creating wonderful memories together. Drone photography helps us strengthen family intimacy and becomes a new bond between families.

drone photography

5. Educational tools for teenagers

Most consumer drones themselves are very easy to learn, suitable for adult beginners as well as teenagers. Drones are not only used for entertainment, but they are also a valuable educational tool for children and adults.

For example, the Autel EVO Nano+ is lightweight and portable, can shoot 4K video and 50MP, supports multiple shooting modes and one-click return, making it a good tool for drone home photography.

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Gain new ways to interact by learning drone technology, navigation, and photography with family teens. Teenagers can also further learn drone programming for educational and training purposes.

6. Emergency Tools

Photography drones aren't just for gaming, drones with 4K cameras can help you conduct aerial inspections. It is most commonly used for aerial roof inspections to detect damage to water pipes, roofs, etc. and to identify potential hazards.

Drones can also be used to help you find your lost dog, inspect icy roads after a snowstorm, and come up with some creative uses that increase the value of your drone.

Photography drones


Drone family photography has created a new way for us to take family portraits. Camera drones record the warm moments of the family and become the link between the family and the beautiful nature.

If you are looking for a high-quality and easy-to-fly drone for your home, the Autel EVO Nano Plus Drone is your best choice! Buy now and take your family on an exciting journey in the sky like never before!

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