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Drone Emergency Supplies Delivery

Drone Emergency Supplies Delivery

Large-load emergency rescue drones and multi-functional load drones can be used for large-scale emergency and all-disaster rescue needs, and provide aerial rescue solutions.

Drone emergency material delivery provides a new transportation method for the shortage of materials at the disaster site and better participates in rescue operations.

Drone aerial rescue solutions include: emergency material delivery, emergency food supply, individual soldier equipment delivery, flood control material delivery, epidemic prevention material delivery, harmful gas detection, drone aerial lighting, drone aerial propaganda, etc.

Drone aerial rescue solutions

What can emergency rescue drones do?

Under critical conditions, drones can be used to drop rescue supplies or tools to besieged victims or people in harsh environments who cannot be rescued by normal means to help the trapped people escape from danger as soon as possible.

Drones with throwers can drop emergency supplies in a timely manner. The supplies that drones can throw include: first aid kits, fire hoses, wind-powered fire extinguishers, individual fire extinguishers, remote-controlled life buoys, drinking water, life buoys, life jackets, emergency food, etc.

max 4t for emergency material delivery

Drones with Loudspeaker can make aerial announcements, deliver speeches from government leaders, information about self-rescue, and provide psychological intervention and further guidance.
Drones with Loudspeaker

Drones with spotlights can perform night lighting and continue rescue operations 24 hours a day and night.

Drones with spotlights

Loaded drones are important emergency rescue equipment. For example, it takes firefighters about 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours to climb a 900m-high mountain. The terrain of the mountain road is complex, and they need to clear the way while walking, which causes serious physical exhaustion. It takes 4 hours to reach the top of the mountain while carrying a 15kg water bag. It only takes 10 minutes to use a large-load firefighting drone to deliver a 15kg water bag, which improves efficiency and reduces the risk of casualties.

What kind of payload drone do you need?

The Autel EVO II Enterprise drone weighs about 1,200g and can carry items weighing about 800g for safe flight and delivery.

Autel EVO MAX series drones weigh about 1,600g and can be equipped with an optional aerial drop device. The EVO Max Series Payload Drop System has a maximum drop weight of 350g on one side.

The Autel EVO Titan drone is a large-load drone with a maximum payload of 10kg. It can actively cooperate with the rescue team's rescue operations, track the development of the incident, and help the trapped people escape as soon as possible. The danger command center implements uninterrupted command deal with.

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