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Drone Donation Supports Public Safety Department

More and more commercial drones are being used by security services, especially in police departments. Walker Police Department buys drones for high-risk cases, and Autel Drones is a guest of Walker Police Department. Charities work across the drone industry, raising money and planes for public safety agencies.

High-end drone companies are designing high-end drones for first responders in big cities, however, in the rush to build drones for large organizations with huge budgets, smaller departments and agencies with tight budgets can easily be overlooked.

Donating drones helps public safety workers make their jobs easier, faster and safer. They can provide surveillance during hazardous missions, be used in search and rescue operations, and map crash sites and crime scenes in a fraction of the time of more traditional methods.

All in all, drones are revolutionizing the way first responders work, and adopters of this technology are always looking for new solutions to aircraft problems.

The National Public Safety Drone Donation Program (NPS-DDP) is designed to provide essential UAS and drone equipment to underfunded public safety agencies. With the help of donors and industry partners, the organization has donated dozens of drones to various departments across the country.

For community wildfire handling, thermal camera drones work undeniably well. This piece of drone equipment can really help security agencies spot a fire, see where it started, how it's spreading, which homes are at risk. Through the thermal imaging screen to fully understand everything, the police department can find people in the woods, observe their whereabouts, arrange deployment, and ensure safety.

Autel Drones will also be used for search and rescue missions in the county's recreation area.

Thermal imaging drones are necessary for search and rescue in wasteland, field trails. This helps if someone is injured or lost on the road, public safety can drive the Autel EVO II Dual 640T, spot them in time and start rescue.

Despite the success and growing popularity of drones, many sectors do not have the budget to invest in aircraft, pilot training and program development. Most of the people involved in drone cooperation are volunteer fire departments, and the budget for launching a drone project starts at more than $10,000, which is a lot of money.

At Autel Robotics, we are proud to partner with NPS-DDP and all of our drone industry partners to donate lifesaving equipment to underfunded public safety agencies. We encourage anyone with a drone that is no longer in use to donate to NPS-DDP to help support firefighters, police and other public safety entities in our community.

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