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Dragonfish Repeater Introducing

Dragonfish Repeater Introducing

The Dragonfish repeater was unveiled for the first time at the Autel Robotics Global Partner Summit, which is an important hardware device for Dragonfish drones to provide a hands-off solution for remote operation.

The Dragonfish Repeater system is a network composed of directional antennas, omnidirectional antennas, repeater base stations, 4G communication modules and solar power supplies, providing 24/7, off-grid, low-maintenance, ultra-long-distance flight command and communication aircraft for the Autel Dragonfish series .

Once set up, the Dragonfish Repeater system will improve the connectivity, management and control of Dragonfish aircraft, and when combined with the Autel Dragonfish Nest, each module will provide site coverage of up to 347 square miles.

Features of Dragonfish Repeater

Dragonfish Repeater
  • Powerful self-organizing mesh network capability
  • low maintenance
  • Simple range extension capability
  • Super stable high-definition image transmission
  • long-lasting battery
  • Remote 4G monitoring

Advantages of Dragonfish Repeater

Autel Dragonfish Repeater

Powerful self-organizing mesh network capability

A network of multiple Nests and Repeaters enables Dragonfish to communicate fully within the coverage area and land at multiple charging points.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance Autel Repeater

The wireless setup combined with the built-in battery and solar panel allows the user to set it once and forget it for up to 6 months.

Easy Range Extending Capabilities

Range between base stations is up to 10.6 miles, and daisy-chaining additional repeaters extends coverage even further.

Dragonfish Repeater Easy Range Extending Capabilities

Remote 4G monitoring

The built-in 4G module supports real-time monitoring and remote wake-up control of the device.

Ultra-stable HD images

Autel Repeater is designed for operation in areas of high electromagnetic interference. The standard configuration is 1080p@30fps transmission, the delay is as low as 210ms*, and the transmission rate can reach 20Mbps.

Long-lasting battery

Autel Repeater has a 100Wh high-capacity battery for standby, up to 30 days without a solar panel.

Application range of Autel Repeater

Autel Repeater provides services for Dragonfish, so it can serve most scenarios, including river inspection, traffic monitoring and management, power line inspection, firefighting and rescue.

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