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VR Drones

Do You Know About VR Drones?

A new concept emerges, VR drone! The combination of virtual reality technology and drone technology gave birth to VR drones. Here, let’s fully understand VR drones!

Do you need an extra pair of goggles to fly a drone? This is a drone pilot flying an FPV/VR drone, which usually consists of a drone, VR glasses, and a controller!

What is a VR drone?

VR drone is an innovative product that combines virtual reality (VR) technology and drone technology. It combines a drone with a virtual reality headset or display, allowing users to experience the drone's perspective and flight process in real time through the virtual reality device.

VR drone

For users who fly FPV drones professionally, they are beginning to understand that modern FPV equipment is already beginning to share important aspects of VR headset technology. Camera drones that capture VR content and 360-degree videos are attracting more and more people’s attention. focus on.

What is the difference between VR drones and FPV drones?

Both VR drones and FPV drones can provide an immersive flying experience. Use FPV Goggles/VR headsets to get the best real-time picture flying experience.

Currently, FPV drones are the mainstream racing drones. FPV drones with head-mounted displays can receive the camera footage in real time for the first time, and the operator can experience flying from a first-person perspective.

Since FPV drones control the flight direction and speed of the drone through real-time video footage, this will make the flying experience of FPV drones more exciting and challenging.

The flying experience of VR drones is similar, and the pilot will fly fully intuitively and immersively.

VR drones and FPV drones

What can VR drones be used for?

The use of VR drones can bring a new flying experience. Users can fly freely in the air like a bird, and can observe the scene around the drone in real time. This provides great opportunities for aerial photography, flight training, entertainment and other fields. New possibilities.

At the same time, VR drones can also be used in simulated flight training, scientific research, emergency rescue and other fields, and have broad application prospects.

Current VR Drones/FPV Drones for Sale

DJI drones have FPV drones that can provide high-definition 4K images, such as DJI FPV Combo (Goggles V2), DJI Avatar, DJI Avatar 2, and DJI Goggles are also preparing to be used in conjunction with some camera drones, such as Mavic Pro, inspir, spark and phantom series, experience the best First-Person View.

DJI FPV Goggles V2

The price of most FPV drones is around a few hundred dollars to two thousand dollars, while the broadcast quality live streaming VR drone can cost up to seventy thousand dollars.

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