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Since the launch of the DJI M300 RTK in May 2020, the upgraded DJI M350 RTK was released three years later on May 18, 2023. The new commercial drone platform Autel MAX 4T is also launching in January 2023, in this article we will learn about the new capabilities of the Matrice 350 RTK and how this enhanced commercial drone compares to the M300 RTK and the Autel MAX 4T.

Upgrade performance of DJI M350 RTK VS DJI M300 RTK

  • Improved IP rating
  • Advanced DJI RC Plus Controller
  • Upgrade battery system
  • New arm lock indicator
  • Night Vision FPV Camera
  • Advanced Transmission System
  • Powerful GNSS and RTK modules
  • Updated suitcase

Commercial drones can serve photogrammetry, surveying and mapping, energy industry, logistics and distribution, power and public utilities, agriculture, firefighting, search and rescue, etc. High-performance corporate drones will bring extremely high revenue costs and Greatly improve work efficiency.

DJI M350 RTK VS DJI M300 RTK VS Autel MAX 4T: IP Rating

Compared with the M300 RTK, the protection level of the DJI M350 RTK has been raised from IP45 to IP55 on the basis of the M300 RTK, which means that the M350 RTK has stronger protection against solid objects. The IP protection level of Autel MAX 4T is IP43, which can withstand certain rain conditions for flight.

Autel MAX 4T

Although all three drones have a corresponding level of protection, they are not completely waterproof. Please do not allow the drone to fly completely under heavy rain conditions.


In terms of operating range, the Autel MAX 4T, M350 RTK and M300 RTK can all operate from -20°C to 50°C. They are also resistant to wind speeds of 12m/s.


DJI M350 RTK VS DJI M300 RTK VS Autel MAX 4T: Controllers

DJI M350 RTK is equipped with DJI RC Plus Smart Controller, and M300 RTK is equipped with Smart Controller Enterprise Edition. Autel MAX 4T is equipped with Autel Smart Controller V3.

Smart controllers tend to have improved features, including longer battery life, larger screens, and IP ratings.

The table below shows some key specs between the three controllers.


Autel Smart Controller V3

DJI RC Plus DJI Smart Controller Enterprise
Screen Size 7.9 inches 7.02 inches 5.5 inches
Resolution 2048×1536 1920×1200 1920×1080
Battery Life 50% brightness: 4.5 hours;
Internal , Max. brightness: 3 hours
Internal Battery: 3.18 hours;
Internal + External Battery: 6 hours
Internal Battery: 2.5 hours;
Internal + External Battery: 4.5 hours
Operating Temperature -20°C to 40°C -20°C to 50°C -20°C to 40°C
max. brightness 2000nits 1200 nits  1000nits

DJI M350 RTK VS DJI M300 RTK VS Autel MAX 4T: Upgraded Battery System

The DJI M350 uses a new battery system: the TB65 Intelligent Flight Battery. It needs 2 batteries to start. Under no-load conditions, the maximum flight time is 55 minutes, and the number of cycles can reach 400. At the same time, DJI M350 RTK is also equipped with a new TB65 smart battery station, which can charge multiple batteries of different models at the same time.

DJI M300 RTK needs 2 batteries to start, equipped with TB60 batteries, the maximum flight time is 55 minutes, and the number of cycles is 200 times.

Autel MAX 4T needs 1 battery to start. It is equipped with Autel Max series batteries with a capacity of up to 8070mAh and supports hot-swappable technology.

Autel MAX 4T VS DJI M350 RTK VS DJI M300 RTK: Airframe Design

Autel MAX 4T is a foldable drone with a body weight of 1600g. It is a four-axis rotor drone equipped with 6 obstacle avoidance sensors and 2 millimeter-wave radar sensors. The three-axis gimbal is stable, gray body, camera gimbal configuration Three camera lenses and a laser rangefinder.

Matrice M300 RTK is a four-rotor drone with foldable wings, two solid landing legs, a black body, a three-axis gimbal, and a replaceable gimbal load to achieve six-way obstacle avoidance.

The DJI M350 RTK has the same body as the Matrice M300 RTK, adding an arm lock indicator, which improves safety performance, and the camera gimbal is also replaceable.

Autel MAX 4T VS DJI M350 RTK VS DJI M300 RTK: Camera gimbal

The imaging capabilities of Autel MAX 4T, DJI M350 RTK, and DJI M300 RTK are all enormous. Among them, Matrice M350 RTK also has a built-in night vision FPV camera to ensure safety for night flight.

  Autel Max 4T DJI M350 RTK DJI M300 RTK
gimbal payloads

Zoom Camera

Wild Camera

Thermal Camera

Laser Range Finder

Zenmuse H20

Zenmuse H20T

Zenmuse H20N

Zenmuse P1

Zenmuse L1

Zenmuse XT2/XT S

Zenmuse Z30

Zenmuse H20

Zenmuse H20T

Zenmuse H20N

Zenmuse P1

Zenmuse L1

Autel MAX 4T VS DJI M350 RTK VS DJI M300 RTK: Transmission System

Autel MAX 4T uses advanced flight control modules and algorithms designed to combat RFI, EMI and GPS spoofing. The SkyLink 3.0 system is equipped with 6 antennas, 4 frequency bands, AES-256 encryption* and optional 4G integration*, the image transmission distance can be as far as 20km, and the real-time image quality can reach 1080p/60fps.

The Matrice M300 RTK uses the O2 Enterprise Edition, with a maximum transmission distance of 15 kilometers.

DJI M350 RTK uses an upgraded version of DJI O3 Enterprise Edition, with a transmission distance of up to 20 kilometers, an improved anti-jamming algorithm, and a four-antenna design.


The continuous innovation of commercial drones shows the importance of drones for some professional fields. The DJI Matrice M350 RTK was only updated three years after the launch of the Matrice M300 RTK, and the price is much more expensive. At this stage, the M300 RTK still has plenty of life left.

Autel MAX 4T, as a new drone launched by Autel Rootics, is also ready to go. Autel MAX 4T and Autel MAX 4N, as the new generation of top players that impact the duration of commercial drones, their autonomous tasks, anti-jamming capabilities, and A-Mesh networking technology are all impressive.

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