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DJI AIR 3 VS Autel EVO LITE+: High-end Drones Over $1000 Dollars

DJI Air 3 was released in July 2023. The new generation has a photography drone. Its existence is the successor of Air 2S and the "middle child" of the DJI Mavic3 series lineup. Compared with AUTEL, its biggest competitor is EVO LITE+.

AUTEL EVO LITE+is already well -known, and what wonderful performance will DJI Air 3 bring, we will focus on this article. Please continue to read to learn about the characteristics and advantages and disadvantages of these two drones.

DJI Air 3 VS AUTEL EVO LITE+: Specification

Specification Autel Evo Lite+ DJI Air 3
Weight 835g 720g
Sensor 1″ CMOS Wide-Angle Camera: 1/1.3-inch CMOS 
Medium Tele Camera: 1/1.3-inch CMOS>
Lens (FOV) 29mm equivalent

Wide-Angle Camera: 24mm equivalent
Medium Tele Camera: 70mm equivalent

Aperture f/2.8~f/11 Aperture

Wide-Angle Camera:f/1.7
Medium Tele Camera: f/2.8

ISO Maximum ISO48000
(night scene mode)
Maximum 12800 (video)
Digital Zoom 16x Wide-Angle Camera: 1-3x
Medium Tele Camera: 3-9x
Photo 20 MP
Wide-Angle Camera: 48 MP
Medium Tele Camera: 48 MP
Video 6K/30FPS Video

Wide-Angle Camera: 4K@100*fps
Medium Tele Camera: 4K@100*fps

Battery Life 40 Mins 46 Mins
Obstacle Avoidance Forward, Backward,
Forward, Backward,
Upward, Downward
Image Transmission 7.4 Miles 12.4 Miles
Internal Storage 6GB 8GB
External Storage up to 256GB up to 256GB

DJI Air 3 update


As an upgraded version of DJI Air 2s, DJI Air 3 is the newly added shot. The aperture of the 24mm main lens has been reduced from F/2.8 to F/1.7. The second 70mm lens has F/2.8 aperture. Both cameras support 48MP photos and 10-bit D-Log M and 10-bit HLG color mode. The high dynamic range video of the 4K/60FPS HDR video is added, and the 2.7K vertical shooting mode is added at the same time, but it cannot rotate the clouds like DJI Mini3 Pro.

DJI increased the battery life of DJI Air 3 to 46 minutes in the best state. The new DJI RC-N2 with screen remote control was launched. The newly upgraded DJI O4 can extend the distance of the drone to 20km. Increasing the omnidirectional obstacle avoidance ability, and the first time the Waypoint Flight function was added to the drone application, it has the ability to plan flight in advance by drones.

AUTEL EVO LITE+Photography drone description


The weight of Evo Lite+ is 835 grams, which is more important than 700 grams of DJI Air 3, but it is difficult to detect this in your hand. Both are used as foldable camera drones, and they are used when they are opened and easy to operate.

EVO LITE+ only has a single camera, a 1-inch sensor, a adjustable aperture of F/2.8-F/11, the maximum support for shooting 20MP photos and 6k/30fps HDR videos, EVO LITE+ supports the maximum of the maximum digital zoom, 1.3 under the 4K lens 1.3 Double-free zoom, 3 times non-destructive zoom under 1080P lens, you can take 10 A-LOG photos.

AUTEL EVO LITE+ has a battery life of the best state for 40 minutes. It is equipped with a remote control without screen. , Support the film master lens, the video picture upload speed of the AUTEL SKY App can reach 160Mbps.


In terms of parameter specifications, DJI Air 3 will be the biggest competitor of Autel Evo Lite+, and it looks more favorable. And it can be seen that DJI has gone further and further in the direction of consumer drones, and constantly launch new products to stimulate the drone market. And AUTEL is constantly moving towards the road of commercial drones. For example, the latest EVO MAX series and the upcoming AUTEL Titan drone will be the leader of commercial drones.

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