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Delivery Drone For Sale | What You Should Know

Delivery Drone For Sale | What You Should Know

The popularity of delivery drones is a major manifestation of the progress of drone technology. The use of drone technology for rapid transportation and delivery of goods has opened up a new field for the logistics industry, providing more convenience with higher speed and efficiency services.

The emergence of delivery drones marks a revolution in the logistics industry. Although delivery drones can provide delivery services in a variety of fields, from e-commerce to healthcare to emergency relief and disaster management. But the most common ones are still e-commerce, such as Delivery Drone for Cargo and Food Shipping.

Delivery Drone applicable scene

The key elements of Delivery drone are sensors and load-bearing capacity.

Delivery drone's ability to transport items from one location to another is inseparable from the drone's autonomous navigation capabilities, precise GPS positioning, strong anti-interference, visual positioning capabilities, reliable obstacle avoidance technology, and load flight capabilities.

Delivery Drone dropbox for evo nano+

Autel Robotics is the world's leading drone manufacturer. Autel drones have excellent flight performance and intelligent flight control systems, which can autonomously avoid obstacles and complete delivery tasks stably.

Autel's leading commercial drone series include the EVO II series, EVO MAX series and Autel Dragonfish series.

EVO II series and EVO MAX series are classic quad-rotor drones with advanced sensors and a certain load capacity.

As Delivery drone for sale, the Autel EVO II series has a maximum take-off weight of 2kg, which means the drone can bear a weight of about 700~800g. The mounting device should be hung from the drone body, and Autel Robotics does not sell such equipment.

EVO II series Delivery Drone

The Autel EVO MAX series is a Delivery drone for sale. The EVO MAX Payload Drop System concept product is already in the development process. The weight when mounted does not exceed 350g, and the weight of the drone itself is about 1600g.

The Autel Dragonfish series will have stronger load capacity as Delivery drone for sale. The Autel Dragonfish series is divided into Autel Dragonfish Lite, Autel Dragonfish Standard, and Autel Dragonfish Pro. As a tilt-rotor VTOL UAV, the Autel Dragonfish series has a more stable flight and stronger carrying capacity when flying as a fixed-wing UAV drone.

More FAQs

Is drone delivery legal in USA?

In 2019, the FAA certified UPS and Wing, an Alphabet-owned drone startup, to begin drone delivery operations under Part 135 certification. Since then, the FAA has certified other retail companies, including Amazon and Walmart, with the same designation.

How much does a delivery drone cost to buy?

Mid-level consumer drones are expected to range between $600 and $1,000. High-end professional drones are priced at $3,000 and above.

Can I buy a delivery drone?

Yes, you can buy your own delivery drone capable —and purchase based on your load needs.

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