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Autel EVO Lite+ Active Tracking Test

Consumer Reviews: Autel EVO Lite+ Active Tracking Test

Testing a drone's follow function is something consumers love to talk about, follow my drone allows you to focus on yourself, and the drone will automatically follow and shoot. With the firmware upgrade of Autel EVO Lite+, Dynamic Track 2.1 is launched, and the character tracking mode is turned on.

Autel EVO Lite+ is an advanced consumer drone that supports shooting up to 6k/30fps video, adjustable aperture f/2.8-f/11, 1-inch large sensor quadcopter, supports three-way obstacle avoidance, and farthest image transmission Distance 12km, equipped with moonlight mode and RYYB design, super camera drone.

EVO Lite+ specs

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Autel EVO Lite+ needs to be connected to Autel Sky App. Dynamic Track 2.1 uses visual sensors, recognition technology and complex algorithms to track you. As a drone pilot, you need to determine your tracking object on the remote control interface, and then leave the rest to Autel EVO Lite+.

The Autel EVO Lite+ is an 835g quadcopter, make sure your drone is approved when taking it out for a trip.

view the Autel EVO Lite+ Active Tracking video

Choose your tracking point and fly your drone over a wide area. For example, a park. Here's a daring person tracking test. I'm asking for volunteer help at the park, there's a group of kite-flyers and I'm going to follow them.

When Autel EVO Lite Plus detects a person, it will display a blue + sign on the person's body, which means locking the person to shoot, click the blue follow button, Autel EVO Lite Plus will completely and actively track the child.

Autel EVO Lite Plus character tracking

Autel EVO Lite Plus locked the kid even though he was running all the time. The funny thing is that the Autel EVO Lite Plus can only see me when the little friend hides behind me, so I'm the new follower.

Autel EVO Lite+ character tracking

It's really fun to actively follow the shots. I also tried following shots of vehicles. When we use drones, it is common for people and vehicles to be photographed as objects.

Autel EVO Lite+ car tracking

I used to track cars with the Phantom 3 Pro and now track vehicle shots with the Autel EVO Lite Plus. The tracking shots of the Autel EVO Lite Plus are so responsive that it continues to track the vehicle even when briefly occluded by foliage.

I hid behind the car when I tried the mission shoot, but when I reappeared, the Autel EVO Lite Plus still locked on to me. Trying to actively track a moving object, I asked a friend who drives a vehicle fastly, and the Autel EVO Lite Plus performed very well, it was always within sight

.Autel EVO Lite plus active tracking

Managed to trick EVO Lite Plus's active following? I purchased a Barbie doll. When I was in the camera with Barbie at the same time, it locked me and her at the same time. I doubt the character following has anything between a living breathing human form and a plastic one, I removed the Barbie's clothing, and the EVO Lite Plus locked the Barbie again.

Autel EVO Lite+ character tracking barbie

Obviously, the EVO Lite Plus is a follower drone based on vision sensors, but this test is still exciting.

Autel EVO Lite plus character tracking barbie

EVO Lite Plus is a strong competitor to DJI Air2s, feature-rich, 6k camera, 40 minutes flight time, one of the ideal camera drones, active follow is quite attractive, EVO Lite+ completed this active follow test.You can get the Autel EVO Lite+ Standard Bundle and the Autel EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle at the Autelpilot store.

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