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Custom drone

Can I Customize My Drone?

Want to own a unique drone? Perhaps you can try a custom drone. Custom drones allow individuals and businesses to customize their drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) to specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for unique missions.

The demand for customized drones mostly stems from the needs of enterprises or national departments, that is, the change to commercial drones; private customized drones are more similar to DIY drones, they are created by experienced drone pilots themselves!

What kind of drone do you want to customize?

Many companies want to customize multifunctional drones to meet mission requirements and market characteristics. Companies should clarify their needs, define target performance such as payload, speed, autonomy, and then integrate the current technology deployed by the company, adjust the automation level of the drone solution according to the needs, and finally complete everything.

How can I customize my drone?

Custom drones and customized drone solutions essentially require high-performance drones. And enhancing the advantages of drones requires a full understanding of drones.

When we need to customize a drone, we can start with the drone's spare parts. Customize propellers, motors, electronic speed controllers (ESC), flight controllers, power distribution boards (PDBs), batteries, cameras, and video transmitters, etc.

When the drone hardware is complete, we can start to customize the drone software to control the drone, which requires the application of drone programming, debugging, and integration.

Finally, we can get a fully autonomous customized drone.

For enterprises, customizing drones is more to meet the needs of current projects. This requires demand assessment, design and development, testing and iteration, deployment and training to ensure that enterprises can eventually effectively utilize the functions of customized drones.

Will customized drones be better?

With their versatility and advanced functions, drones are used in various industries from agriculture to filmmaking.

Operation detection and precision agriculture require drones with stronger payloads, such as multi-spectral cameras, fertilizer, pesticide, irrigation load capacity, and long-term large-area deployment capabilities.

Search and rescue, surveillance, and public safety drones need to respond immediately, quickly capture data for various emergencies, make plans, and serve the public community.

Movie footage and event coverage require drones to be customized with higher-definition lenses, gimbal systems, camera mounts, etc., capable of live streaming, professional photography for movies and commercials, and live events.

Infrastructure monitoring and 3D mapping and measurement are also inseparable from drones. Customized drones can better analyze the inspection pain points and difficulties of corporate engineering buildings, and better serve drone industrial inspections.

The difference between custom drones and DIY drones

Custom drones are professionally designed and manufactured with advanced features and support to meet specific high-end requirements and are suitable for commercial and industrial use. They are more expensive and provide professional-grade reliability and performance.

On the other hand, DIY drones are built by users themselves using off-the-shelf components. They are popular with hobbyists and educators for their hands-on learning experience and cost-effectiveness. Although they offer customization, they are limited by user skills and the compatibility of available components.

Choosing between custom drones and DIY drones depends on your specific needs, expertise, and budget. For professional applications that require high reliability and advanced features, custom drones are a better choice. For hobbyists and learners, DIY drones offer an engaging educational experience.

Are Autel drones customizable?

Autel drones have limited customizability and are only suitable for bulk orders or for enterprises, institutions or large events. The mainstream color of Autel drones is orange, and now a gray version is available for commercial drones. The V3 logo on the drone body can be removed, and the drone frame as a whole does not support much customization.

The Autel commercial drone EVO II V3 series uses the Autel Explorer App, and the EVO MAX series uses the Autel Enterprise App. Both are equipped with a 7.9-inch smart remote control, support third-party SDK downloads, and support drone software customization to a certain extent.

Autel Robotics theoretically supports all achievable customizations, but the specific implementation still depends on the customization requirements. Are you interested in customizing Autel drones? Contact us to share your ideas!

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