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drones that record audio

Can Drones Record Audio In Flying?

Camera drones often shoot a lot of clear and bright video footage, but when we view this type of video, we often hear dubbing or background music. So, do camera drones also record sound to match the video?

The answer is negative. The drone cannot record sound, so there is no simultaneous sound to match the drone video.

Do Drones Have Microphones?

Drones can't record sound, also because they don't have built-in microphones. A microphone device is a device dedicated to recording sound, usually within a few meters of the sound source, capturing everything around it.

Why Don't Drones Have Microphones?

Since the microphone will capture all the sounds around it, once the drone is embedded in the microphone, it will mean that the motor sound of the drone in flight, the sound of the propeller turning, the sound of wind, the ambient sound, etc. are all recorded into the drone video. These sources are so close to each other that the drone user will hear a garbled and unpleasant stream of sounds, which is pretty bad.

Can I Process The Drone's Audio In Software?

While there is plenty of software that's advanced and smart, it's not always useful. It is difficult to strip out multiple sources recorded by a drone for elimination or editing.

Can The Autel EVO Nano+ Record Audio?

The EVO Nano+ doesn't record sound directly because it doesn't have a built-in microphone. The remote control of EVO Nano+ is connected to the mobile phone. Drone users will use their mobile devices to record ambient sounds to keep the audio and video in sync.

Can Autel EVO Lite+ Record Audio?

The Autel EVO Lite+ also does not support the built-in microphone device for recording audio. The EVO Lite series and EVO Nano series need to use the remote control to connect with the mobile phone to control the camera drone. Control the drone with the help of the mobile app--Autel Sky. Therefore, when you want to get the synchronized drone video sound, please turn on the recording permission of the phone under the app to get the sound.

Is There Any Other Way To Help Me Record Ambient Sound?

Pairing sound with video is something new that many drone users want to try. You can record sound with the drone using a standalone recorder or the microphone on the controller device. The voice recorder will record the sound of your location, your voice, the people around you, the sound of props when the drone is approaching you, etc.

However, it doesn't actually record sounds in flight. And it doesn't sound any different from recording audio from a phone.

How To Add Audio To Drone Footage?

In the Autel Sky app, drone users can render and edit drone videos. Adding audio to drone video is a simple matter. You can even download music online to play in the background of drone videos.

Write At The End

It is still a technical difficulty to record audio from drones that are full of fun to fly. In the video footage of drones, no sound may be a boring thing, but Autel users can edit the drone video , add audio to form your own one-of-a-kind drone video.

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