Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022 Autel Robotics New Year Special Sale 2022
Autel Day drone for sale

Buy The Best Budget Drone Bundle At Autel Day Sale

Autel Day, a major holiday for Autel drones, sincerely brings the most affordable discounted products to every drone customer. As a brand day, Autel Day will bring a 20% discount on Autel consumer drones EVO Nano+ and EVO Lite+, with the same price for new and old customers.

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Autel Flight Club Video Contest

Buy the cheapest drone or wait for a high-end drone to be discounted? The best drone budget isn't just about cheap drones. Discounts on high-end drones are often more attractive.

Inexpensive drones have become unremarkable in drone flying and drone photography. But maybe they also have a camera that they can use to record. For camera drones, the cheapest drones can only shoot 1080p video.

High-end drones are not just for in-flight entertainment, they often also have the glamour of cinematic footage. High-end drones embed more modules on the drone flight, including GPS lock, intelligent flight controls, and high-quality cameras.

Best Budget Drone Bundle EVO Nano+ Premium Bundle for $879

Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ Drone Premium Bundle

1. EVO Nano+

Best Mini Drone at 249g

Specification Battery life: 28 minutes; GPS: yes; Camera: 4k, 50MP camera; Gimbal: Three-axis gimbal; Obstacle avoidance: Three-way obstacle avoidance; Weight: 249g
Reason for purchase +Three-axis gimbal stabilization
+Three-way obstacle avoidance
+Lightweight drone
+Foldable four-color design

The EVO Nano+ drone easily defeated many rivals in mini drones, including DJI Mini SE, DJI Mini 2, and comparable to DJI Air2s.

EVO Nano+ supports level 5 wind resistance, flies smoothly and is well equipped. It has three-axis gimbal stabilization and three-way obstacle avoidance function, long-distance 10 kilometers image transmission, high-definition camera 4K picture, f/1.9 large aperture, and clear shooting in low light environment.

Available in four colors, the EVO Nano+ is eye-trackable in the sky. A compact drone with a foldable design that fits easily into your pocket.

The flight of the EVO Nano+ is also very simple to operate. The drone can hover in the air for 25 minutes and keep flying for 28 minutes. The EVO Nano+ Premium Bundle also has more battery accessories. Buying the EVO Nano+ Premium Bundle will greatly extend your flight experience.

The remote control of EVO Nano+ does not have a built-in display, which is comfortable in hand and simple in shape. Cooperate with Autel Sky APP to control drone flight. EVO Nano+ can also perform film-like shots of Rocket, Fade Away, Orbit, Flick, etc., providing a rich and interesting visual experience.

Best Budget Drone Bundle EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle for $1479

Autel Robotics EVO Lite+ Drone Premium Bundle

2. EVO Lite+

High-Spec Affordable Camera Drone

Specification Battery Life: 40 minutes; GPS: Yes; Camera: 6k, 20MP; Gimbal: 3-axis Gimbal; Weight: 820g
Reason for purchase +Foldable design
+great price
+6K video and 20MP still images
+Three-way obstacle avoidance
+Excellent night shots

The EVO Lite+ is another excellent competitor that Autel has launched in the drone market. This drone is smooth, fast and has a powerful camera, EVO Lite+ shoots superb 6K video and impressive 20mp stills, adjustable aperture f/2.8-f/11, large 1-inch sensor.

If you have a need to shoot video or photos, then your drone budget is definitely more than $1,000. Buy the EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle now for just $1,479, which is an absolute bargain. EVO Lite+'s moonlight algorithm and RYYB color array design make this drone clear and bright even at night.

As a member of high-quality camera drones, EVO Lite+ is light in weight, small in size, flexible in flight, and can avoid obstacles autonomously. It can easily fly for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, with a maximum image transmission distance of 12 kilometers and a maximum support of level 7. Wind resistant.

The EVO Lite+ is operated using the Autel remote control, which does not have a built-in display, and also requires a mobile phone to download the Autel Sky App for control. EVO Lite+ shoots with people tracking, the best follow me drone.

The best budget to buy the EVO Lite+ Premium Bundle is now, with a huge 20% discount on Autel Day, allowing every drone customer to bring their beloved drone home.


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