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Best Autel II Dual 640T Thermal (Infrared) Drone Showcase

Best Autel II Dual 640T Thermal (Infrared) Drone Showcase

As a drone brand, Autel already has a very large reputation, and at the same time, its strength is also very good. Not only can it develop drones by itself, but it also has its own factory that manufactures drones. It claims to be a “Made in America” company. As a strong competitor of DJI, its strength should not be underestimated.

In the field of drones, we divide drones into consumer drones and enterprise drones based on their functions.

In the field of enterprise-level drones, the functions of drones are not only a breakthrough and upgrade in the flight control system and image transmission system, but also in more scenarios and play a greater role. For example, in terms of public safety, drones search for life and property, fire rescue, building inspections, traffic law enforcement, wildlife management, etc.

More enterprise-grade drones are being planned to save lives and property—and thermal camera-equipped drones are a big reason why.

The Autel II Dual 640T is a drone with thermal imaging that uses a special infrared camera sensor to illuminate a spectrum of light invisible to the naked eye. The industry's first drone that combines an infrared imaging camera with an 8K camera, the picture-in-picture mode will enable drone users to fully observe more factors and make more rapid and accurate judgments.

With thermal resolutions up to 640x512 and 8k sensors, the EVO II Dual 640T becomes a workhorse for enterprise drones. The 8k and IR imaging cameras are capable of simultaneous recording, recording 720p video at 30 fps refresh. Shoot freely in 640 x 512 (640) or 320 x 256 (320) resolution.

The high-definition live video can not only be displayed on the remote control screen of the drone, but also displayed on any device connected to the Autel Live Deck, including computers, TVs, mobile phones, etc. Of course, images and videos can be stored on the aircraft's onboard memory or on a micro SD card. It supports flight for 40 minutes, the fuselage comes with 32GB of memory, and the maximum support for expansion of Micro SD card memory is 256 GB, fully considering everything.

Autel Robotics EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise Rugged Bundle V2 Thermal Drone

New to the world of infrared imaging drones?

What is thermal imaging? What is infrared imaging? Thermal imaging sensors are often referred to by terms like thermal imager, temperature camera, thermal vision camera, infrared camera, thermal signature camera, or even thermal thermal vision sensor.

How does thermal imaging work?

Infrared radiation from the scene is focused onto an infrared sensor. From there, it's processed into the visible spectrum that our eyes can see.

What is the emissivity of infrared imaging?

Emissivity is the efficiency with which an object releases thermal energy. Factors that affect emissivity include surface type, humidity, atmospheric temperature, and wind.

How do environmental conditions affect infrared imaging?

When is the best time to use a thermal drone? The thermal energy in the scene has a direct effect on the infrared image. Typically, the amount of infrared energy is attributed to the diurnal cycle, solar load, and thermal crossover. The day-night cycle is the daily heating and cooling of the Earth's surface by the sun. Solar loading is when the scene absorbs more radiation from the sun's rays, the temperature difference between objects decreases. Finally, when two different objects in the scene are indistinguishable, this is called a hot intersection. With these factors in mind, early morning or late night conditions are ideal.

Do drones have thermal imaging?

Great, back to our presentation above. drones that want to have thermal imaging capabilities must have integrated thermal sensors to measure thermal imaging information in complex conditions such as fog and smog.

How much does a thermal imaging drone cost?

Thermal drone industry standard drones are Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, Matrice 300 RTK - Zenmuse H20T and EVO II 640T, Matrice 210 - Zenmuse XT2 - Z30, etc. The price of the drone depends on the performance of the drone, the Autel EVO II 640T is $9200, we will compare more.

Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced

Autel EVO II Dual 640T

DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced drone Autel EVO II Dual 640T 8k drone
Max Flight Time: 31 Min Max Flight Time: 40 min
Max Transmission Distance: 6.2 Miles Max Transmitting Distance: 5.5 Miles
Max Speed: 45 MPH Max Speed: 45MPH
Max Wind Resistance: 32 ft/s Max Wind Resistance: 67 ft/s
Cameras are not interchangeable Cameras are interchangeable
Visual Sensor Size: 1/2.3” CMOS- 4K Video Visual Sensor Size: 1/2” CMOS- 8K Video
Infrared Resolution: 640 x 512 Pixels Infrared Resolution: 640x512 or 336x256
Infrared Framerate: 30Hz Infrared Framerate: 30Hz
Infrared Lens: 9mm Infrared FOV: 32°
Infrared: 4K Combined: Side by Side Infrared: 4K Combined: Picture-in-picture


Thermal drone Application

Building Roof Inspection

Autel drone Building roof inspection

  • Determine where the roof is dissipating heat or standing water
  • Conduct thermal insulation audits to improve energy efficiency
  • Diagnose faulty circuits in walls that generate heat
  • Inspect concrete structures for delamination and spalling defects
  • Gain insights from the air safely and efficiently

Industrial Inspection

Autel drone Industrial inspection

  • Locate and isolate buried pipeline leaks
  • Locate blockages in above-ground fluid transfer systems
  • Measure boiler tube temperature and detect thermal patterns
  • Check tank for leaks
  • Identify shorted and broken power lines

Wildlife Management

Autel drone wildlife management

  • Track and mitigate wild populations
  • Monitoring and counting domestic and protected animals
  • Thermal imaging cameras provide fast reconnaissance
  • as a recreational tool

Fire Rescue

Autel drone fire rescue

  • Thermal cameras can be used to see through smoke to fight fires
  • Identify ignition hot spots in walls
  • Easily deploy a 360° thermal observation platform
  • wider aerial view

Search and Rescue

Autel drone search and rescue

  • Real-time high-resolution video streaming for quick searches of victims or missing persons
  • Rugged post-disaster support without cellular data
  • On-site aerial lighting for day and night missions
  • Low Altitude Payload Delivery or Rescue Line Deployment

We sincerely hope that drones can help all walks of life to reduce labor costs and risks to achieve more complex scene applications. become better.

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