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EVO Nano+: Best 4k Consumer Drones

Best 4k Consumer Drones for 2022 Review

Drone 2022 has passed. In this year, new drones continue to appear and old drones recede. Who is the most popular 4k consumer drone? We will explain in detail in this article.

The choice of consumer drones is more important to consider the clarity of the drone's picture quality and the durability of the flight. Taking 4K photography drones as an example, EVO Nano+, DJI Mini 3 Pro, and DJI Avata will have outstanding performance in 2022.

EVO Nano+: HD Photography 4K Drone

Released in the US in early 2022, the EVO Nano+ is an amazing sub-250g small drone for drone enthusiasts as well as professional drone cinematographers.


EVO Nano+


EVO Nano+ does not have geo-fencing restrictions, and based on its size, it does not have to apply for registration with the FAA. Whether you are a drone beginner, an amateur or a professional photography drone, you can use the EVO Nano+ to get the stimulation of high-quality aerial photography without applying for a special flight license.

EVO Nano+ has successively won many international awards, such as the German Red Dot Design Award, the Berlin if Award, the Asian GOOD DESIGN AWARD. and was named the best drone on many drone professional evaluation websites.

Standout camera features of the EVO Nano+ include a wide f1.9 aperture and RYYB filter for full 4K video and 50MP stills that brighten even in low-light conditions.

EVO Nano Plus is a foldable quadrotor UAV with level 5 wind resistance, and can maintain a stable flight in the air. It has three-way obstacle avoidance and dynamic tracking capabilities. It can fly for up to 28 minutes on a single charge, and the image transmission distance can reach 10 kilometers.

The image clarity and sharpening performance of Autel Nano+ are quite good in the same type of 4K drones. It can be said that it is the perfect drone for amateur filmmakers. Moreover, the size and weight of the drone are quite light and can be folded quite About the size of a mobile phone and the weight of an apple.

DJI Mini 3 Pro: The best camera drone for most people

Mini 3 Pro

Launched in May 2022, the DJI Mini 3 Pro becomes a strong competitor to the EVO Nano+. DJI Mini 3 Pro is also a foldable 4k mini drone with a body weight of less than 250g, with forward, backward and downward obstacle sensing functions, a flight time of up to 34 minutes, and a low-interference transmitter range of up to 7.4 mile.

The DJI Mini 3 PRO has much improved cameras over the Mini 2, including a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, f/1.7 aperture, dual native ISO for low-light shots, and no HDR mode for photos. An interesting point about the DJI MMini 3 Pro is that it can take vertical photography, which is beneficial for Instagram and TikTok video bloggers.

The Mini 3 Pro is also capable of shooting drone video at 4k/30fps, which can be boosted to 60fps, but the EVO Nano+'s sharpened images are noticeably clearer.

The package version of Mini 3 Pro is divided into remote control with screen and remote control without screen, while the package version of EVO Nano+ differs in the number of battery accessories. Both sets have their own advantages and disadvantages.

DJI Avata: The Small and Perfect FPV Drone

DJI Avata

DJI Avata will be released at the end of 2022. It is positioned as an FPV drone or a CineWhoop drone. This type of drone can shoot 4K shots in a different style from the standard. The picture is not flat, but a dive with impact perspective.

The Avata's size and weight are also within the specifications of a small drone. Measuring just 18cm wide and small enough to fly through 25cm gaps, FPV drones are immersive, with safety tech and flight aids to keep them safe.

The Avata comes with an excellent stereo headset that picks up stunningly clear images from the drone's 4K camera, and an excellent gyroscopic hand controller that makes flying a breeze. Simply put on the headset, press the trigger on the controller, and move your hand back and forth, left and right to steer the drone. It really only takes about five minutes to master the controls, so before long you'll be around obstacles and through portals with relative ease.

The DJI Avata is a new 4k drone that can produce jaw-dropping footage with a flight time of just 18 minutes. But for drone beginners, it is not so easy to set up. If you want to master drone photography skills, the better choices are Autel Evo Nano+ and DJI Mini 3 Pro.

Final thoughts

When choosing a camera drone, the best drone must be the one that best suits your needs. Drone 2022's most popular 4k consumer drones are Autel EVO Nano+, DJI Mini 3 Pro and 4k FPV drone DJI Avata!

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