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Autel Voyager App

Autel Voyager App Introduction

The Autel Voyager app is a special app for Autel Dragonfish, which can support the mission flight, remote control operation, flight log recording, etc. of the Dragonfish drone, ensuring safety, versatility and data accuracy.

Autel Voyager App for flight missions

The Autel Voyager app has manual flight and auto flight functions when flying missions. Once you receive your Dragonfish and turn on the ground station for the first time, you will open the Voyager app and you will see the main screen on the main screen where you will have access to all settings and different flight functions.

First you need to check for all firmware updates and make sure they are up to date before you start using them.

The settings button of the Autel Voyager app is at the bottom, click the settings button to enter the general settings related to the base station and software update, click the signal icon in the upper right corner and the settings of the signal icon in the upper right corner will be your aircraft settings.

In the aircraft settings will include everything from your geofences all the way down to the battery settings in the flight interface.

When creating an autoflight mission, you can access all the different mission types to make a waypoint.

When creating a manual flight mission, Dragonfish will perform a rectangular mission or a polygonal mission.

Execute tasks manually

When performing Dragonfish tasks manually, you must physically set the switch on the remote control to the m button, then click on the project list settings, and you can see all your scheduled and saved tasks.

This can be any type of task, so once you have your photo album, you'll see everything in one place. This is where all the photos and videos you take during any mission or manual flight are kept.

In flight settings, Autel Voyager APP also creates beginner guides for reference, find different resources such as support videos, instruction manuals and different flight guides for new pilots.

If you're confused about what a button or setting does, click the question mark icon in the upper right corner, and you'll see labels for all the buttons and settings currently on the screen, and feel free to contact us with more questions.

View the Autel Voyager APP Overview

Autel Voyager Mission Description

• Mission Planning: Waypoint missions, polygon missions, and rectangular missions can be planned offsite prior to mission and started with a single click to begin autonomous flight. The pilot can regain control at any time during the mission for emergency maneuvers or custom flight path planning.

• Tap to Fly: Select a target on the camera and the Dragonfish will automatically fly to the selected location and orbit the subject.

• Mission Management: Monitor past missions and assign flights.

• Quick Mission: Set points of interest on the flight map during any part of the mission and the Dragonfish automatically will deviate from its original path plan to pursue the pilot's needs.

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