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DJI VS Autel

Autel Titan vs DJI Flycart 30

There's a new voice delivery drone on the commercial drone market. Autel Titan and DJI FlyCart 30 are impressive transport drones. The drones have strong endurance and load capacity, and can transport materials and save time and cost.

The DJI FlyCart 30 Heavy Lift Drone's dual batteries can carry up to 66 pounds (30 kilograms) and fly up to 10 miles when fully loaded and 17 miles when empty.

DJI FlyCart 30

Autel Titan Heavy Lift Drone also uses a dual-battery design, with a maximum load capacity of 10 kilograms and a maximum flight time of 60 minutes.

Autel Titan Heavy Lift Drone

Autel Titan vs DJI Flycart 30 Comparison Chart

Comparison ltems Autel Titan DJI Flycart 30 


1879x1866x584 mm (unfolded withpropellers)

1141x1120x563 mm (unfolded withoutpropellers)

745x470x335 mm (folded without

2800x3085x947 mm (unfolded withpropellers)

1590x1900x947 mm (unfolded without

1115760x 1027mm (folded without

Total Weight 34.3 kg ( *55lbs- US regulation !!) 65 kg
Maximum Takeoff Weight 31kg 95kg
Max Payload

4 kg standard payload

10 kg max payload

30 kg (dual battery)

40 kg (single battery)

Wheelbase 1447mm 2200mm
Maximum Horizontal Flight Speed 25 m/s 20 m/s
Maximum Flight Time 60m

Dual battery (30 kg payload): 18 minutes

Single battery (40 kg payload): 9 minutes

Video Transmission Distance
Maximum Mileage 50km

28 km no-load range

16 km full-load range

Max Takeoff Altitude 4500m 6000m
IP Protection Level IP55 IP55
Payload Expansion Interface Visual obstacle avoidance ( fisheye lens) +6-direction millimeter-wave radar Dual radar & Dual vision
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