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Autel Thermal SDK V2.5

Autel Thermal SDK V2.5 for EVO MAX Series

The Autel EVO Max Series drone is a multi-sensor drone with multiple payloads such as visible light cameras, night vision cameras, thermal cameras and laser rangefinders. Autel Robotics has developed its own thermal image analysis tools, Autel IRPC Tool and Autel Thermal SDK.

Both the Autel IRPC Tool and Autel Thermal SDK serve the EVO MAX Series, enabling users to quickly import images, edit and analyze temperature measurement results, and generate detailed reports for sharing and collaboration.

Autel IRPC Tool can also be used by the infrared thermal imaging drone EVO II 640T Series. It has functions such as temperature alarm | isotherm | image enhancement and supports 10 thermal palettes, including multiple temperature measurement modes, such as central temperature measurement , point temperature measurement, area temperature measurement.

Autel Thermal SDK has developed more details for the thermal image analysis of EVO MAX 4T/4N, which can better analyze thermal images.

The thermal images output by Autel Thermal SDK and Autel IRPC Tool have a resolution of 640*512, which is clear enough to see everything in the dark.

View thermal images generated by Autel Thermal SDK

thermal images by Autel Thermal SDK
Autel EVO MAX thermal images
Autel EVO MAX thermal images
Autel EVO MAX thermal image

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