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Global Partner Summit and Air-Ground Integrated Solution Conference - Autel Robotics

Autel Robotics Releases New EVO Max Series and Air-Ground Integrated Solutions

On April 26, Autel Robotics held the "Global Partner Summit and Air-Ground Integrated Solution Conference" in Huizhou. Eco-products such as rotor-drone nests and Autel Dragonfish nests create digital air-ground integrated industry solutions for "reliable, intelligent, clustered, and collaborative" mobile platforms for customers in different scenarios and industries.

Autelrobotics Global Partner Summit 2023

Li Hongjing, the chairman of Autel Robotics, said at a meeting that since its establishment nine years ago, Autel Robotics has been continuously understanding and exploring user needs, providing mobile platform-based digital solutions, and never stopping innovation and self-transcendence. "Cluster Wisdom, Digital Future" is the vision of Autel Robotics for the development of the drone industry. Based on fixed-wing, multi-rotor drones, and ecological products, it uses image transmission technology and cloud services as bridges, and applies to the "Edge-End-Cloud" system in the fields of security, inspection, and surveying. Through the construction of drone clusters, intelligence, and digitalization, Autel Robotics is mapping out a bright future for the industry.

Li Hongjing-the chairman of Autel Robotics

The process of this conference is divided into three parts.

Part I: The drone EVO Max series is released.

EVO Max series

The new EVO Max series drones include two products, EVO Max 4T and EVO Max 4N, which adopt Autel Autonomy autonomous flight technology, which supports drones to collect surrounding environmental data in real time during flight, and realize complex environments (mountains, forests, buildings, etc.) etc.), global path planning, 3D scene reconstruction, autonomous obstacle avoidance and return flight, empowering security, inspection, surveying and mapping industries.

Part II: Ecological product launch.

At this press conference, a variety of ecological products were unveiled together with the drone, they are Autel Mapper, Autel Multi-rotor Aircraft Nest, Autel Dragonfish Aircraft Nest, Autel Dragonfish Repeater, Autel Smart Antenna Transmission (ASAT), etc. Eco-products of software and hardware empower industries such as security, surveying and mapping, patrol inspection, and emergency management.

Autel Mapper: This is an industry-leading model reconstruction software that can reconstruct photos taken by drones into 2D and 3D models.

Autel Mapper

Autel multi-rotor drone nest: Autel EVO NEST is currently applicable to Autel EVO II V3 series and EVO MAX series. Based on leading platform software and control algorithms, it can realize functions such as automatic take-off, autonomous inspection, automatic charging, and precise landing of drones.

Autel multi-rotor drone nest

Autel Dragonfish Nest: This is an unattended operation platform integrating automatic take-off and landing of drones, charging and swapping systems, and all-weather weather monitoring stations.

Autel Dragonfish Nest

Autel Dragonfish Repeater: Autel Dragonfish Repeater integrates directional antenna, omnidirectional antenna, relay base station, 4G communication module, and solar power supply system into one, providing ultra-long-distance flight operation support for Autel Robotics series drones.

Autel Dragonfish Repeater

Autel Smart Antenna Transmission (ASAT): Autel Smart Antenna Transmission integrates a variety of functional modules such as plate-shaped directional antenna, omnidirectional fiberglass antenna, base station main board, and RTK antenna. In the ultra-long-distance application scenario of drones, Autel Smart Antenna Transmission can improve the transmission and reception capabilities of wireless signals and enhance the anti-interference performance, making the signal transmission distance up to 100 kilometers.

Autel Smart Antenna Transmission (ASAT)

Part III: Proposing Industry Solutions

Autel Robotics air-ground integrated solution is developed around four features, digital, collaboration, intelligence, cluster. Use innovative technology to expand the operating space of drones, and bring more efficient experience to customers in security, inspection, surveying and mapping industries.

Autel Robotics Releases New EVO Max Series and Air-Ground Integrated Solutions

Digital, in the wave of digital economy and digital transformation, drones are no longer a separate data collection tool, but organically combined with software and hardware ecological products to provide closed-loop solutions for the digital transformation of industries such as inspection, surveying and mapping, and improve the overall industry efficiency .

Collaboration, based on the self-developed A-mesh networking technology and data distribution service technology, the operation process is no longer an isolated island of information, but a collaborative process of real-time information sharing. information in the process.

Intelligence, Autel Robotics has established an AI technical team, which not only serves autonomous flight, but also applies it to target fine recognition, gimbal, flight tracking and custom training set, so that drones have their own brains.

Swarms, Drones are no longer just lone heroes fighting alone, but organized swarm teams. The drones in the cluster can perform their own duties and complete different actions separately; they can also work together to complete the rush to the assembly point.

Autel Robotics Air-Ground Integrated Solutions 2023

The goal of Autel Robotics is to create a whole-process solution integrating air and ground. This plan makes full use of the command center, ground-end equipment, drones and communication satellites to cover a wide airspace, and realizes 7*24 daily patrols with the aircraft nest as the fulcrum; establishes a command center, forward command vehicles, mission The team's complete chain of command is based on different drones such as relay, reconnaissance, and transportation, and uses the A-Mesh network to realize teammate position awareness, target marker sharing, text and voice communication, and satellite communication when necessary. It can perform the whole process of task reconnaissance, search, identification, tracking, transportation, strike and rescue, which is safe, accurate and efficient.

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