Autel Robotics post EVO II Available Date

EVO II Available The Week Of 4.20.2020

After delayed a couple of weeks, Autel Robotics final posted EVO II available date on Facebook - EVO II Available The Week Of 4.20.2020

Autel Robotics release EVO II avialable date

EVO II Available The Week Of 4.20.2020

What Autel Robotics said on Facebook

Introducing EVO II, the most powerful and advanced drone system on the planet. Available the week of April 20th through participating authorized dealers.

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autel robotics post on facebook to release evo ii available date

Is Autel pilot an authorized dealer?

Yes, is a designated distributor named by Autel Robotics and sell Autel drone on behalf of Autel Robotics. View Our Certification.

Every drone has a unique S/N, you can verify it legitimate When you are to register the warranty.

EVO II Main Features

  • 8K 25FPS Video Resolution
  • 48MP Stills
  • 40Minute Flight Time
  • 5.6 Mil Range
  • Swappable Camera Payloads
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance

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