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Autel Robotics Global Partner Summit

Autel Robotics Inaugural Global Partner Summit Achieves Resounding Success

Autel Robotics successfully held its first Global Partner Summit on April 26, 2023 at Le Méridien Xiaojing Bay, Huizhou, Guangdong, China, and showcased some revolutionary new products.

Frank Lee assumed the chairmanship of Autel Robotics and led the company to a successful event where new products were showcased to global partners. The meeting mainly introduced the release and display of EVO Max series and ecosystem products. These include the EVO Max 4T, which features multiple cameras and a laser rangefinder, as well as some of Autel's latest software updates.

In addition, Autel also showcased the latest complete airborne ISR solutions, aiming to provide drone innovation capabilities for various industries. Applications for this solution include energy and power distribution networks, gas and oil, public safety, transportation, emergency relief, surveying and mapping, agriculture, aerial photography, and education. At the same time, Autel's exhibition area also exhibited a breakthrough new e-VTOL drone, which has a unique upper monoplane, V-tail layout and retractable three-point nose landing gear.

In the outdoor display, the flight demonstration of EVO Max 4T in Mesh configuration attracted everyone's attention. Other products and systems include the Dragonfish Nest and EVO Nest; a Dragonfish-powered and EVO-designed mobile take-off and landing station, and a demonstration of the Nest's self-charging capabilities and active obstacle avoidance for drones. The gala dinner, live performances and awards also drew a perfect conclusion to the event.

Finally, Frank Lee, chairman of Autel Robotics, shared his thoughts. He said: "In the past ten years, we have helped customers solve problems and improve efficiency. On the basis of unique patented technologies, we have explored drone intelligence, clustering, and grid operations that allow drones to work together. Even without the support of ground communication systems."

As a distributor of Autel Robotics, Autelpilot felt the enthusiasm of friends from all over the world on the spot, and we are proud to cooperate with Autel Robotics.

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