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Autel Robotics - FDIC International 2023

Autel Robotics - FDIC International 2023

FDIC International 2023 is the annual trade show and conference for firefighter professionals held in the United States. FDIC International 2023 is scheduled to take place April 24-29, 2023 at the Indiana Convention Center and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Autel Robotics is a high-tech company with excellence in innovation and research and development of drone technology, established in 2014, committed to let the needs of customers drive innovation. Autel Robotics is participating in FDIC International 2023 in several ways.

Autel Robotics is formed by a group of industry professionals who are passionate about technology and have many years of engineering experience. In the exterior exhibit area of "The Heat," Autel will offer several demonstrations of its products and will participate in the Firehouse of the Future as part of the Lucas Oil Stadium experience.

"Autel Robotics looks forward to the opportunity to connect with the FDIC's firefighters and demonstrate how we can help modernize aerial response," said Peter Gossin, Corporate Marketing, Autel Robotics.

FDIC- Autel EVO II V3 Series

“With a focus on improving safety and effectiveness in emergency situations, Autel Robotics will be showcasing a range of its solutions including the Dragonfish, EVO Max 4T and EVO II Series V3 series. All of these include thermal imaging capabilities to provide real-time Fire View, helping to disseminate information while enabling better, faster decision-making. We hope we can demonstrate the value their technology can bring to fire operations."


Autel Consumer Drone: EVO Nano Series,EVO Lite Series,EVO II Pro.

Autel Enterprise Drone: EVO II 640T,EVO II V3 Series,EVO II RTK Series,EVO II Enterprise Series,Autel Dragonfish Series.

Drones will continue to emerge in the firefighting industry. Drones with thermal imaging functions will create immeasurable value for the firefighting industry, speeding up the efficiency of finding fire sources and rescuing personnel.

FDIC International attendees will also have the opportunity to experience Autel's products first-hand at booth #8309. If you're a professional firefighter, you'll have the opportunity to see firsthand how Autel's drone technology is changing the industry and discover the latest solutions to keep your community safe.