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Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus review : the best sub-250g camera drone

Autel Robotics EVO Nano Plus review : the best sub-250g camera drone

After three months of use, I'm so happy with this little thing that I take it with me almost every time I go out and shoot. I bought it to do some shoots at work, the ground cameras were too restrictive to use, and I needed some aerial perspective to show something. I found it while browsing YouTube videos, where a lot of drone players upload videos showing how drones are played, various, and some are quite complicated...
Anyway, I found the great Autel. Autel has Nano series and Lite series, each of which has its own unique characteristics, and one can also supports vertical shot, seem to be prepared for various short video apps. Sound great? Great but I just want a small drone that flies steadily and takes clear pictures, and I think Nano+ with advanced camera is enough. Luckily, Nano+ has won my trust and it fits perfectly into my work. Marvelous!
Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ Drone With Premium BundleAs a drone beginner, I can't tell the technical things. Share Autel Evo Nano Plus review from the my experience. I hope it will be useful to someone like me. This drone comes in two configurations, the Standard bundle and the Premium bundle, I bought the Premium because it comes with three batteries and a multi-charger, and sometimes I'm out for an hour or two, which is exactly what I need. I bought a red one, brightly colored and easy to notice where it is. It's really small when folded and fits perfectly in my bag or a larger pocket (I tried it). Weighing 249g, so it does not need to be registered, saving legal trouble. The equipped remote control is cool, my phone can be clipped on, and the operation feels very smooth.
Autel Robotics EVO Nano+ drone for video downland
The best thing about a drone is, of course, its camera and flight performance.
Deeply impressed with the excellent camera, I'm not a professional but I think there are a few parameters you might be interested in. You can see the following chart about a camera PK of Autel Evo Nano plus vs DJI Mini 2 vs DJI Mavic Air 2. 


Nano plus

Mini 2

Mavic Air 2





RYYB Design









4k/30fps HDR





Fixed focus

Fixed focus


1~16 times

2~4 times

4 times





You can see Mini2 killed by autel robotics evo nano plus?

First, 1/1.28 inch CMOS Sensor. A CMOS sensor is an electronic chip that converts photons to electrons for digital processing. It is very informative, the larger the size of this sensor, the more light the sensor can accept, and the better image quality. The current similar drone DJI MINI2 is 1/2.3 inch, the Mavic air 2 is 1/2 inch, it seems that Autel Nano plus clearly wins in this point.
Second, RYYB color filter array design. That's not why I bought it but it’s worth to say. I found that the night scene or low- light conditions shooting is fantastic. It is advertised as "increased 40% more light than the traditional RGGB array", no exaggeration. It seems to make the picture brighter and clearer. I took a few pictures of night scenes, so great, the contrast is obvious, the night scene is brighter, not like the focus exposure of mobile phones, this is a very clear light, I feel that every pixel is in focus, the whole picture is bright very clear, very detailed, no noise.
EVO Nano Night scene shooting RGGB
Third, 50MP Resolution Photo. This is what attracts me the most, I've looked for a lot of drones, but very few of them. Some are too expensive. I just want the drone to capture some really high definition pictures so I couldn't resist the Nano+ 50MP camera. It can also easily zoom the photos without losing quality, 1~16 times, really nice.
EVO Nano HD picture
Fourth, 4K/30fps HDR Video. This is the same as what I usually use, no problem. But surprising me, its CDAF+PDAF dual autofocus technology, can help autofocus quickly and accurately. This seems to be the unique charm of Autel, because most of DJI's drones still use traditional fixed focus. The camera can also be adjusted in angle, with a large aperture f/1.9 and 10km video transmission.

EVO Nano YOUTUBE share

Especially like the Autel Sky APP, very suitable for beginners. Interesting One-Click VLOG, has four automatic shooting modes. With just few clicks, I can get a great short video and share it to my media account. I love to share! It's so convenient! Here are a few videos I shot for your reference.

Let's talk about how it flies. To be honest, when I got this little thing, I was afraid that it would be blown away by the wind, but! ! When I tested and let it take off on the grass near my house on windy days, I found that it flew very steadily and did not bother the shooting at all. Great obstacle avoidance, with 6 computer vision sensors located on the front, rear, and, bottom, don’t worry about hitting things. You can trust it. Also this little thing can return to home obediently, with precise landing. I've tried it many times, no problem. If you want a small drone that weighs less than 249g and has a 50MP camera, Autel EVO Nano plus is definitely the best option. Highly recommend everyone to use this drone.

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