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Autel Max Series Stitch 2.5D

Autel Max Series Stitch 2.5D Operating Instructions

In drone aerial surveying and mapping, high-precision digital orthophotos are an important source of image data. For the first time, the Autel EVO MAX series embeds the stitching function of 2.5 orthophotos. With the help of Autel Mapper software, the geographical The task of surveying and mapping has been injected with new strength.

In the process of making 2.5 orthophotos, you need an Autel Max series drone, a smart remote control V3, and a computer connected to the Internet. The Autel Mapper software can only be run on the computer and cannot be seen on the smart remote. During the flight, the remote controller transmits the real-time images to Autel Mapper to generate high-precision 2.5D orthophotos in real time.

How to do 2.5D DOM/DSM Stitch?

  1. Click Stitch in the toolbar.
  2. Go to Server, and then click Add to create a connection with Autel Mapper on your PC. Make sure your RC and PC are on the same network.
    • Enter the name and the network IP address and click Add.
    • When the status changes to Connected, the RC and PC are successfully connected.
  3. Finally, launch Autel Mapper on your PC and plan a mission on your RC. As soon as the mission begins, you will see real-time 2.5D stitching on Autel Mapper.