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Autel MAX drone Media Encryption

Autel MAX Drone Media Encryption Instructions

Autel Max series has added media encryption function, which means you can encrypt specific media files for protection.

The media encryption function is to encrypt and protect the selected files, and this part of the files must be password-verified before they can be opened normally to display readability.

How to set up Autel MAX drone Media Encryption?

  1. Click Encrypt in the toolbox. This will direct you to the media encryption page.
  2. Set a password for media encryption, and any photos or videos captured will be encrypted.
  3. To view the encrypted files, return to the media encryption page and disable Media Encryption.

Media Encryption

Media encryption is used to ensure the securty of your medla data. Once yu have set the encryptlon passy/ord,decryption is required toaccess and view the recorded media materials. To enable this feature, ensure that you have connected the aircraft first.


  1. 1. The app does not store passwords on the device or upload them to the cloud server
  2. 2. Securely store your password, as t cannot be retrieved if forgotten. In case of accidental loss,formatting the storage is the only option tounlock it
  3. 3. Medla encryptlon and decryptlon functionality will only be accesslble when the aircraft ls on the ground.
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