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Autel MAX Drone Bypassing Obstacle Avoidance

Autel MAX Drone Bypassing Obstacle Avoidance Instructions

Autel EVO Max 4T/4N is a new-generation enterprise drone of the MAX series. The drone adopts binocular visual obstacle avoidance and millimeter-wave radar obstacle avoidance, excellent 720° omnidirectional obstacle avoidance capability, and no visual blind spots.

Millimeter-wave radar obstacle avoidance is not limited to space and environment. It can sense obstacles at night, near water surfaces, glass walls, etc., and make obstacle avoidance responses.

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What's the Bypassing of EVO Max Series?

The Bypassing function is to enable the drone to autonomously navigate around obstacles while maintaining its intended flight path.

Turn on Bypassing in the setting function of Autel MAX series drones, and the drone will sense the obstacles in the surrounding environment by itself, and navigate around them autonomously. For example, when it senses that there are obstacles on the left and right of the drone, it will fly up, and if there are obstacles on it, it will fly left and right.

After the circling action is over, if the drone has a predetermined route, it will continue to fly on the predetermined flight route. The addition of this feature is more suitable for drone remote mission execution.

How to enable the Bypassing setting of Autel MAX drone?

  1. Enter the drone flight interface
  2. Find the More option on the top navigation bar
  3. Click to select the Bypassing setting, and the Bypassing icon lights up, indicating that the setting is successful.
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