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Autel Max 4t VS Skydio X2 Series

Autel Max 4t VS Skydio X2 Series

There is no doubt that the Autel Max 4t is the hottest representative of commercial autonomous drones in 2023. The benefits of enterprise drone inspections are evident in high-performance commercial drones with advanced automation technologies, where complexity and inefficiencies are greatly reduced. Here, we will compare the autonomous drone Autel Max 4t VS Skydio X2 Series.

Most drone enthusiasts make the mistake of thinking that the Skydio X2E and Skydio X2D are two different models. But the truth is, Skydio released two different versions of the same model Skydio X2™.

As autonomous drones, Autel Max 4t and Skydio X2 Series have their own characteristics. Both drones have pros and cons. Therefore, it is crucial to read and research the features of both drones before making any purchasing decisions.

Autel Max 4t VS Skydio X2 Series

Autel Max 4t vs Skydio X2 Series: Cameras

Autel Max 4T has a high-resolution camera lens, 1/2" inch 8K 10X telephoto lens, 1/28" inch 4k@30fps wide-angle lens, 640*512@30fps thermal imager, and laser rangefinder integration on the camera gimbal.

Skydio X2 Series has a 1/2.3" CMOS 12.3MP zoom camera and a 640×512@30fps thermal camera lens.

Skydio X2 Series CameraSkydio X2 Series Gimbal Camera

Both drones capture colorful video, sharper or zoomed-in photos, and thermal imaging available day or night, but the image quality of the Autel Max 4T is significantly higher than that of the Skydio X2 Series.

Autel Max 4t vs Skydio X2 Series: Design

Autel Max 4t body color is metallic gray, foldable arms, 1600g body, newly designed drone shape, prominent fisheye lens, more ergonomic and aerodynamic, maximum wind resistance level 8, edge It is smoother, and there are replaceable load interfaces on the top of the drone, which will be more applicable to different fields.

Autel MAX 4T

Skydio X2 Series adopts black and gray color design, foldable wings, 1325g body, maximum wind resistance level 5, the drone is equipped with super bright LED lights, so that the driver can clearly see when flying long distances at night.

Skydio X2 Series

Autel Max 4t vs Skydio X2 Series: Battery usage

The maximum flight time of Autel Max 4t UAV is 42 minutes under the best conditions and friendly environment, the Max. Wind Resistance is 27 mph, and the maximum take-off altitude is 7000 meters.

The best flight time of Skydio X2 Series is 35 minutes, Max. Wind Resistance is 25 mph.

Autel Max 4t vs Skydio X2 Series: Autonomy, Control and Driving

The Autel Max 4t and the Skydio X2 Series both claim to be autonomous drones. Powered by Skydio Autonomy Enterprise, the Skydio X2 Series looks in every direction with six 4k 200° navigation cameras, uses onboard AI running on NVIDIA TX2 to understand the world around it, and make informed 360° flight decisions for obstacle avoidance. The Skydio X2 can turn anyone into a professional pilot, helping you get the job done safer and faster.

Autel MAX 4T Drone

Autel Max 4t self-assesses complex environments to create real-time 3D flight paths for unparalleled 720° obstacle avoidance. Advanced sensors enable flying in areas where GPS is unavailable, and incredible new thermal payloads unlock new object recognition and tracking scenarios.

Autel Max 4t's leading position lies in the A-Mesh 1.0 networking technology, which adopts the new A-Mesh system to realize autonomous communication, connection and collaboration between drones. One pilot can operate multiple drones at the same time, leading drone fleet technology.

Autel Max 4t vs Skydio X2 Series: Safety

Autel Max 4t can be used in the environment where GPS is rejected, with IP43 protection level, multiple precision sensors inside, controlled by Autel Smart Controller V3 with 7.9-inch large screen, cloud data is encrypted with AES-256, and the farthest image transmission The distance can be up to 20 km.

The Skydio X2 Series has a sturdy body and carries multiple sensors. The drone is controlled by a remote control with a screen. The cloud data is encrypted with AES-256, and the longest image transmission distance can reach 10 kilometers.

Skydio X2 Series

Autel Max 4t VS Skydio X2 Series: Release date and price

The release location of Autel Max 4t is CES 2023, and the release time is January. The release price is US$8,999, and it is dedicated to the commercialization of enterprise drones.

Launched on July 13, 2020, the Skydio X2 Series is a new autonomous drone platform for the enterprise and public sector.

Which autonomous drone is right for you?

The Skydio X2 Series is a good autonomous drone platform, but the Autel Max 4t is clearly better. Whether it is inclined to aerial photography or industrial inspection, the EVO Max 4t drone is suitable for a variety of mission scenarios and can carry out joint deployment plans.

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