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Drone Night Vision

Autel EVO MAX 4N VS Autel Dragonfish Lite with DG-T3 Payload: Drone Night Vision

The night vision capability of drones is a major direction for the advancement of drone technology. The camera capabilities of drones need to be considered for public safety, surveying, search and rescue at night. Between the powerful commercial drones Autel EVO MAX 4N and Autel Dragonfish Lite, whose night vision will be better? Let's review it.

Camera Specifications: EVO Max 4N Drone

EVO Max 4N Drone


EVO Max 4N drone stands out among similar products, the integration of night vision function provides great convenience for night search and rescue, patrol work, starlight camera camera has a revolutionary night vision technology innovation, illuminates the dark.

The 4N Starlight camera features a 2.3MP sensor with LUX capabilities as low as 0.0001 and ISO up to 450000. This allows the camera to take advantage of the small amount of light available at night, gathering it and amplifying it to capture sharp images in dim light. situation. The challenge here is that some form of visible light is required to function effectively.

The multi-sensor camera gimbal of EVO MAX 4N includes a 50MP wide-angle camera, a 640*512 thermal imaging camera, a 23MP starlight camera and a laser rangefinder.

Camera Specifications: Autel Dragonfish Lite with DG-T3 Payload

Autel Dragonfish with DG-T3 Payload

Autel Dragonfish Lite with DG-T3 Payload starts from the camera specifications, 3-axis gimbal stabilization, can shoot 4K 20x optical zoom, 12mp wide angle camera, 640x512 infared camera, and can capture thermal images in the dark to reflect the real scene.

The Autel DG-T3 payload does not have a laser rangefinder, which is present to meet unlimited data capture needs and critical decision-making at any time of the day.

Drone Performance: EVO MAX 4N Drone

Autel EVO MAX 4N Drone

In terms of drone performance, EVO MAX 4N supports a maximum flight time of 42 minutes, IP43 protection level, and a maximum image transmission distance of 20KM. When EVO MAX 4N is in the A-Mesh network, the farthest image transmission distance between the relay machine and the mission machine may theoretically be extended to about 50km.

As a foldable drone, EVO MAX 4N weighs less than 2KG. It is a portable drone among commercial drones. Equipped with millimeter-wave radar, it can achieve 720° obstacle avoidance. Hot-swappable battery technology ensures long-term work of drones and intelligent flight Both the mission and the third-party SDK provide guarantee for the operation of the MAX 4N drone.

Drone Performance: Autel Dragonfish Lite Drone with DG-T3 Payload

Autel Dragonfish Lite Drone with DG-T3 Payload

As a multi-sensor tilt-rotor drone, Autel Dragonfish Lite supports a maximum flight time of 81 minutes, IP43 protection level, and a maximum image transmission distance of 20KM. When using a base station to connect with Autel Dragonfish Lite, the image transmission distance will reach 30km.

Autel Dragonfish Lite is a large commercial UAV with VTOL attributes, capable of performing a variety of intelligent tasks, and can cooperate with base stations and Skycommand Center to develop aerial solutions.


Currently, only the Autel EVO MAX 4N drone includes night vision for enhanced nighttime reconnaissance and first responder emergency situations at night. Although the Autel Dragonfish series UAVs are powerful, they still do not have a camera load, only a thermal imager. In some cases, night vision cameras will produce clearer images at night than thermal cameras, highlighting the limitless potential of night vision for drones.

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Night Vision/Starlight Camera Drone VS Thermal Camera Drone

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