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Autel Launching 3 New Drones

Autel Launching 3 New Drones

No need for a drone rumor today, with the pending launch of 3 new Autel folding quadcopters!

Autel will be releasing 3 drones shortly: a new Autel Nano micro-drone to compete with DJI’s Mini Series, an EVO LITE aimed squarely at DJI’s Air2 Series, and lastly an EVO III will update Autel’s flagship professional quadcopter with enhanced features.

Autel Nano Mini Drone

The success of DJI’s ultra-light Mini series of drones is no surprise. Given the rapid adoption of licensing and flight restrictions globally, it was only a matter of time before a high quality micro-drone was released. Since then the consumer uptake has been huge.While the DJI Mini and Mini 2 series of drones have excellent battery life, wind resistance and a decent camera the absence of obstacle sensors is the biggest short coming. Autel’s Mini 2 competitor, the yet-to-be-released Nano drone will have three direction obstacle sensors; forward, rear and downward.This difference doesn’t just make the Nano easier and safer to fly than the Mini Series, it will also allow the Autel Nano to actively track a subject in motion…something the Mini and Mini 2 are unable to do.


Over the last year Autel has made significant inroads into DJI’s market share. Keeping that momentum going is critical to Autel’s future success. The release of the pending EVO LITE, designed to compete with the Air 2 Series from DJI should help. Less is known about the EVO LITE drone, other than it’s appearance as a scaled down copy of the EVO II Series.We’re extremely interested to see what Autel reveals in the Evo Lite for a host or reasons. Autel garnered huge attraction with the battery life of the EVO II, so seeing the expected flight time of the EVO LITE is going to be high on our list.Second, the EVO II moved the needle well past DJI with video resolution of 6K and 8K. Will EVO LITE have video resolution beyond 4K? You’ll recall that Air 2S has a 1″ sensor and is capable of 5.4K video and 20 MP still photos. EVO LITE must have at least the same specs (if not better) to have any hope of stealing customers from DJI.


The EVO II drone, a breakthrough challenger to DJI’s dominance, was released to great accolades at CES2020 in Las Vegas. We were there and the buzz at Autel’s booth was huge.
As our Drone Buyers Guide shows, below, that was almost two years ago and Autel knows they are in a race against a possible DJI Mavic 3 on the horizon.

As Autel Robotics has officially confirmed a new product launch event set for September 28. The drone manufacturer will be introducing two new products next week: The sub-250-gram beginner’s drone Autel Nano, and the Autel EVO Lite that is aimed at professional content creators, aka the main target market of DJI Air 2S.