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Autel L35T Gimbal Camera

Autel L35T Gimbal Camera Specifications

Autel L35T gimbal camera is a multi-sensor gimbal camera specially designed for the new generation of UAVs Autel Alpha and Autel Titan UAVs. Among them, "L" stands for Lidar, "35" stands for 35x optical zoom, and "T" stands for Thermal.

Here, we will explain each component of the L35T gimbal camera.

Autel L35T Gimbal Camera Specifications

Autel L35T pan/tilt camera includes zoom camera, wide-angle camera, thermal imaging camera, thermal imaging wide-angle camera, night vision camera, laser rangefinder.

Superior Zoom

supports 4K, and 35x continuous optical zoom, up to a maximum of 560x hybrid zoom.

Industrial applications: energy inspection, emergency rescue, and public security.

*Identification range: 8 km for individuals, 600 meters for license plates

Super Starlight

Up to 4K 30p extreme low-light video, supports supersensitive starlight night vision, and the maximum ISO can reach 480000, meeting the needs of all scenes during the day and night.

Superior Infrared

The infrared camera supports 56x hybrid zoom, dual thermal imaging lenses, with a resolution reaching 640×512. It uses a 13mm short focal length lens and a 45mm long focal length lens, fulfilling the need for a short focal length for a big picture view and a long focal length for detailed viewing.

Accurate Ranging

One-click positioning allows for quick acquisition of the target location, with a maximum ranging distance of up to 2 kilometers.


Range - The distance between the drone and the target.


Mean Sea Level - Refers to the altitude above sea level.

E: East Longitude | W: West Longitude

N: North Latitude | S: South Latitude

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