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Autel L35T Camera vs DJI H20N Camera

Autel L35T Camera vs DJI H20N Camera

Autel L35T camera and DJI H20 series camera are a big step forward in drone gimbal camera technology. The integration of multiple payloads maximizes the performance of drones. Here we will compare Autel L35T camera vs DJI H20N camera.

Autel L35T Camera  DJI H20N Camera

Gimbal Camera Appearance

Autel L35T Camera
DJI H20N Camera
Zoom Camera


35x optical zoom

Focal length: 7.1 - 171.95

8 million effective pixels Star light Night Vision


20x optical zoom

Focal length: 6.8-119.9mm

4 million effective pixels

Wide-Angle Camera

1/2" CMOS

48 million pixels

Aperture: f/2 .8

DFOV: 84°

1/2.7" Night Vision CMOS

2 million effective pixels

Aperture: f/2 .8

DFOV: 73.6°

Night Vision Camera

Infrared Thermal lmaging Wide-Angle Camera

Focal length: 13mm

FOV: 42°


Focal length: 12mm


Infrared ThermalImaging Camera

Focal length: 45mm

FOV: 12.3°


Focal length: 44. 5mm


Laser Rangefinder

Range: 10 - 2000 meters

Accuracy: Under 400m:+lm; Above 400m:(D*0.3%)

Range: 3- 2000 meters

Accuracy: +(0.2m+ D x0.15%)

The Autel L35T camera can only be used with Autel Alpha drones and Autel Titan drones, which are about to be launched soon!

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