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Autel Flight Log Auto-Sync

Autel Flight Log Auto-Sync (Airdata & DroneLogbook) Operation Instructions

The drone flight log is an important document for recording drone flight missions and related data. Airdata and DroneLogbook are professional drone management platforms, which are used for drone flight log management and analysis, task deployment and so on.

Autel Max drones can support third-party applications to manage flight logs, which can be directly carried out on the Autel smart control V3, import drone flight logs, and provide real-time data recording and rich data visualization functions.

The auto-sync feature allows you to synchronize your flight record directly, without the need to sync through the Autel Cloud.

How to do Autel Flight Log Auto-Sync (Airdata & DroneLogbook) ?

  1. Click Support in the toolbox. This will direct you to the personal center.
  2. Click Log Management on the left window.
  3. Click the sync icon located in the top right corner. This will take you to the auto-sync page.
  4. Log in to Airdata or DroneLogbook to enable the auto-sync feature.
    • a. For Airdata, enter your TOKEN, which you can obtain from the Airdata website.
    • b. For DroneLogbook, use the same email and password associated with your dronelogbook account.