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Autel Explorer V2 APP

Autel Explorer V2 APP Released

Autel EVO II series drones use the Autel Explorer App, and now Autel Robotics has released a new app, Autel Explorer V2, for EVO II V2 drone users. The app comes with the highly anticipated Coordinated Turns feature and other bug fixes.

Coordinated Turns is a feature that allows the EVO II V2 drone to make continuous turns without stopping during all mission flights. It is part of Autel V2.4.35 aircraft firmware, available for download now.

Autel Explorer V2 APP is currently only available for Autel EVO II V2 series. In addition to adding the new function Corridor Mission, this package promises to optimize the user experience in Waypoint, Rectangular and Oblique missions, and fix some other known issues.

Please note that Autel Explorer V2 APP is an optional update. If you are satisfied with your current Autel Explorer app experience, you can continue to use it, but you will not be able to take advantage of the new Coordinated Turns feature. If you are an EVO II V1 user, you will not be able to use the new app anyway.

Another thing to know before downloading the app is that tasks saved from Autel Explorer are not compatible with Autel Explorer V2. If you want to save them before installing the Autel Explorer V2 app, you also need to sync the flight records from the Autel Explorer app to the cloud.

How to download the Autel Explorer V2 drone app?

First uninstall the iOS or Android Autel Explorer app currently installed on your device. Then scan the QR code below to download the Autel Explorer V2 APP. If you're an iOS user, you can also visit the Apple App Store to download the app, while Android users can also download it directly from the Autel Robotics website.

Autel Explorer V2 APP

After updating to the new Autel Explorer V2 app and connected to the internet, you will receive an OTA notification in the app to update the firmware to V2.4.35. Update as usual.

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