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Autel Explorer App Update: max flight height of 2,640 ft and add more features

Autel Explorer App Update: max flight height of 2,640 ft and add more features

Autel Robotics has updated its Autel Explorer app by adding support for new features for the EVO II series and a few general feature updates for the app. This includes changing the maximum flight height to 2,640 feet (804 meters), well above the FAA’s max flight limit of 400 feet (121 meters).

The Autel Explorer app for Autel’s EVO series of drones has been updated to version 1.4.18 for iOS and version for Android.

General updates

The Explorer app’s new maximum flight altitude of 2,640 feet means you won’t have to get approval in the app to fly above the limit set by the FAA.

The app update has also added real-time information while flying near a no-fly zone. The display contrast has been improved when flying in adverse lighting conditions, along with a few translation bugs being fixed as well.

EVO II updates

The EVO II series has been given support to use a cross-hatch flight path during rectangular missions along with optimizations to the mission planning settings. You are now able to complete multi-battery missions, meaning the drone will land when the battery is empty, allowing you to attach the second battery so you can continue your mission. Your EVO II will need to be on version 2.2.3.

EVO II has also been given the ability to strobe its bottom-facing auxiliary LED for one to two seconds, and you can now lock the gimbal from within the camera settings.

Autel EVO II series

The Autel EVO II series is the latest set of drones from Autel Robotics. The series consists of the standard EVO II capable of 8k HDR video and 48MP stills. The EVO II PRO has a 1-inch sensor capable of 6k HDR video and 20MP stills. The final drone of the series is the EVO II DUAL, which has the same sensor the standard EVO II has alongside a FLIR Boson sensor used for thermal applications, such as temperature measurements. All drones in the series have H.265 video codec support and 10-Bit log video.