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Autel EVO Nano Drone Flight Test Reviews

Autel EVO Nano Drone Flight Test Reviews

Among the nano drones and mini drones, it can be said that it is the smallest category of quadcopters. Buy nano drones and enjoy the ultimate flying experience of small drones. As a drone enthusiast, I will introduce Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone in detail in photography and flight.

In a wide range of outdoor hobbies, learning to fly and fly drones, and enjoying aerial photography with drones, I have always pursued my dreams of creating and sharing. I study, share and review drones with many drone enthusiasts and drone owners on Youtube.

Before getting the Autel EVO Nano Drone, I had an original DJI Mini 2. This is completely manual flight. For my lifestyle and the activities I enjoy doing, manual flying is always such a challenge, or simply impossible. I could never get the action shots I wanted, the follow feature never really worked, and the DJI Mini 2 didn't have obstacle avoidance at all. You can also check out the Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone vs DJI Mini 2 comparison article.
Camera Drone | EVO Nano Plus Drone VS DJI Mini2

What's in the Autel EVO Nano Drone Standard Package Edition?
I'm so happy to get a new toy like this, the $799 Autel EVO Nano Drone Standard Kit version contains the Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone, 1 remote, 1 gimbal cover, 3 double propellers, 1 flight battery, remote control, 1 RC cables (Lightning, Micro-USB, USB-C), 8 spare screws, 1 screwdriver. That's enough for a drone adventure.

Autel EVO Nano Drone Standard Bundle

Autel EVO Nano Drone is a direct day and night difference. The autonomous flight is spectacular, obstacle avoidance is in place, and the footage it captures blows my mind every time.

Autel EVO Nano Drone day flight

Even though it's a tiny drone, his performance is truly incredible. The auto-follow function of the Autel Robotics EVO Nano Drone frees up my hands, the camera always follows me, and I am everything.

Autel EVO Nano Drone auto follow function

 My favorite activity to pair with the EVO Nano Drone is, of course, trekking through the mountains. It is hard to imagine that under the body of 249g, the Autel EVO Nano Drone also has three-way obstacle avoidance, 6 obstacle avoidance sensors, I never have to worry about the result of the shooting, it requires me to be very focused on this activity, some people may be tired of obstacle avoidance The drip alarm sound. But more than that, you will not experience the benefits of this function when flying in an open environment.

Autel EVO Nano Drone Come With 3-Way Obstacle Avoidance


It's hard to choose just one favorite scene, and every time the drone takes off to take a photo, I have a good idea in mind. Choose 4k and turn on HDR, the video picture will immediately become different, the color of each frame is very rich and saturated, and we can completely process it twice, and the 4k resolution video will not be affected by cropping.

The biggest advice I can give is to practice. practice. Maybe you've been flying Autel drones for hours, but you still have to keep learning every time you launch a drone. It takes time to learn the lens and how to capture exactly what you want.

More flight modes for Autel EVO Nano Drone

The Autel EVO Nano Drone is easy enough to do many of the shots by yourself, but I'd say practice manual flying. The Nano Drone Series has four cinematic mode shots, one click and no need to learn any tricks, but sometimes I think of a very specific shot that only I can achieve by flying the drone myself. So be happy with that as well. It will make you a more skilled drone operator.

More Possibilities with Autel EVO Nano Drone

Autel EVO Nano Drone can really become a good choice for many drone beginners. The 4k camera drone not only integrates the camera lens and obstacle avoidance, but also has a very good image transmission system, which supports up to 10 kilometers. , I downloaded it to my phone as soon as I finished shooting, and then started sharing it with my friends. This is a very interesting perspective. Have fun outside and always take life seriously!

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