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Autel EVO MAX 4T First Flight Test

Autel EVO MAX 4T First Flight Test

Autel EVO MAX 4T was released earlier at CES2023, which was only January. Now that I actually have it in my hands, I'm going to put the Autel EVO MAX 4T to the test. This is an exciting process that we have waited for too long.

Youtube blogger David is talking about it. The size of EVO MAX 4T is between the size of mavic and the size of m30t, filling the gap in the market. The first flight test of EVO MAX 4T is the highlight.

The host showed the remote control of the Autel Evo Max 4T drone and its screen, and said that it is very large, but also very easy to use. His remote has a bright screen that can be seen clearly even in sunlight, which confirms that the EVO MAX 4T is equipped with Autel Smart Remote V3, 7.9 inches with 2000 nits of brightness.

The remote control of the Evo Max 4T drone is easy to operate. Like the previous one, the side button can be used to set the scroll wheel zoom. David’s zoom shooting subjects are a building and a water tower for demonstration. The 10x optical zoom is clearly visible, and the 160x maximum hybrid zoom appears pixelated, and the camera becomes difficult to control, but this is still the best among drones of the same type By.

Autel EVO MAX 4T First Flight Test

Autel Max 4T drone also has thermal imaging function, switching to this mode is very simple, just need to switch on the button on the upper left corner. In the thermal imaging function of the drone, there are 10 color modes adjustable, among which white hot and black hot are commonly used by police and fire departments.

Autel EVO MAX 4T thermal camera shot

Moderator David raised the MAX 4T up to 400 feet and introduced its zoom function. The thermal imaging feature can do a 16x zoom, but the image gets very blurry as the zoom factor increases, he said. Even so, signs of heat can still be seen at altitudes of 400 feet. He also showed off other color modes, noting that you can tap a specific pixel on the screen to see its temperature. In addition, he observed shadows cast by some trees in the area captured by the camera, and these shadows were also reflected in the thermal imaging images, making certain areas appear cooler.

The first flight test of the MAX 4T also demonstrated the drone's AI recognition function. He demonstrated that the feature can identify vehicles and people, and be able to track them. David pointed out that although the feature has not yet been released with the initial version of the drone, it will be added in an updated version soon. He then showed how the feature could identify people and cars at longer distances, such as golfers playing at the far end of a course.

Autel EVO MAX 4T AI recognition function

The gimbal camera of MAX 4T has a variety of payloads, and here we will also explain the laser rangefinder function of the drone. The presenter demonstrated the ability of the laser rangefinder to accurately measure distance and provide GPS positioning, even at great distances from the target. He thinks this function will be very useful for search and rescue work, especially because GPS positioning can accurately tell other team members where to investigate. At the same time, he also mentioned that this price point ($9000) is much cheaper than the M30T product (about $6000-8000 difference). Finally, the host turned off the laser rangefinder and continued with the flight demonstration.

Waypoint display of the MAX 4T drone. By enabling waypoint mode, you can select corner points on the flight path and tell the drone where to fly. Fully automated mission flying of drones is important for planning missions and performing certain tasks repeatedly. Some professionals are available for tasks such as forward mapping as well as accident reconstruction. When performing automated tasks at night, the "auxiliary light" function can also be turned on to provide additional lighting. Normally, the landing lights turn on when the altitude drops below 10 feet.

Autel EVO MAX 4T Waypoint Mission

The split screen feature of the Max 4t drone is very good. You can have a thermal camera on one side and a color camera on the other, and now you have the option of three screens with a map on one side, a color camera on one side, and a thermal camera on the other for better overall situational awareness ability. This is one of those very good tools. Plus, it actually records video from both cameras (zoom and infrared) at the same time, so that when you come back and transfer it to your computer, you'll have both thermal and color images.

Autel EVO MAX 4T thermal and color images

During the entire flight of Autel MAX 4T, observe the upper right corner of the screen of the smart remote control V3, you can not only see the power, signal strength, GPS signal and battery power of your remote control, but also see whether you have turned on The obstacle avoidance function is enabled. Next, you can also see a small gear. This will give you all kinds of information, including your home altitude, obstacle avoidance settings, remote control and gimbal and other settings, and you can also adjust the brightness, remove fog, turn on night mode and other options.

Nearly 30 minutes have passed during the test of the above Autel MAX 4T, and there are still 13 minutes of flight time left, which is close to the official claimed 42 minutes. This shows us that battery life is pretty good. The MAX 4T drone was flown in standard mode throughout the flight.

Autel EVO MAX 4T Flight performance


The first flight test of Autel MAX 4T fully demonstrated the flight and use of a drone. MAX 4T drone has high-definition thermal imaging function and laser rangefinder function. The body design is compact, easy to operate, and the picture is stable and smooth. It is very suitable for consumer or business use. This is a drone worthy of attention and purchase.

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