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Autel EVO II Drone Review 2021

Autel EVO II Drone Review 2021[Update]

Autel EVO II Overview

Autel Evo 2 still maintains the distinctive orange look that the previous drone had. It’s not the prettiest as far as drones are concerned, but this color makes the drone easier to spot when in flight. Or when you land it in thick grass and far from where you’re standing.

All three models of the EVO II Drone (Standard, Pro and Dual) leverage the same aircraft body with only the camera payloads varying from model to model. The bright orange EVO II is lightweight and compact. The body is roughly the size of your average adult shoe when folded for transport. The arms and props do stick out a bit from the aircraft body however the drone itself covers a very small footprint. Weighing 2.5 pounds with a single battery installed this drone checks all the boxes for portability. The EVO II comes equipped with omnidirectional obstacle detection which includes 12 visual sensors as well as 2 ultrasonic sensors on the bottom of the drone. Because of the drones small size you can easily launch and recover it without needing very much space. The aircraft includes 8GB of internal storage space for those flights when you fill your SD card but still need to capture more content before landing.

Some edges are left outside, making it difficult to fit it into your pocket. But you can get a convenient drone carrying case at an affordable price.

 Autel EVO II Battery

Autel EVO II Drone 33 to 35 minutes of flight, when compared to other drones currently available, is a long time to fly on a single battery for fun or commercially. With this extended flight time you can capture more family moments, inspect additional utilities or search longer for a missing person. An important note to mention is the longer charging time of the EVO II batteries when compared to competitors. After flying the EVO II battery down to 5% it took over 110 minutes to fully recharge the battery to 100%.

In conclusion

Autel Robotics has released three incredible platforms that will help many folks take their drone operations to the next level and also help more individuals, businesses and organizations begin to leverage drones. The EVO II is pushing the industry forward with increased flight time and high resolution visual and IR sensors at an affordable price. If you are currently looking to pick up a drone for recreational or commercial purposes I highly recommend considering one of the EVO II platforms.

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