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Autel EVO II PRO & 3D Survey PPK

Autel EVO II PRO & 3D Survey PPK

Only drones with RTK modules can perform geographic surveying and mapping. For example, the Autel EVO II PRO RTK drone has a 1-inch sensor 6K 20MP camera, supports RTK/PPK/network RTK, and has centimeter-level surveying and mapping accuracy. And here, we will explain the measurement and photogrammetry processing performed by the Autel EVO II PRO drone and the PPK module developed by the TOPODRONE team and the 3Dsurvey software.

This is a combination of the PPK module developed by the TOPODRONE team and the Autel EVO II PRO drone, which converts images captured by ordinary consumer drones into high-precision 3D models and orthophotos, eliminating dependence on GCP.

TOPODRONE post-processing software is used for data post-processing and image geo-tagging. In the first stage, we calculate in static mode the coordinates of a base station installed close to the work area, which is located at a distance of 20 kilometers. Then we coordinate the images with high precision. calculate.

TOPODRONE GNSS receivers synchronize with AUTEL cameras and provide centimeter-level accuracy of photo location coordinates (plane and height). As a base station, you can use any available GNSS receiver within 20 kilometers of the survey area, while PPK processing allows for a more accurate calculation of the drone's trajectory and image coordinates compared to RTK technology.


The image results above fully illustrate the Autel EVO II Pro PPK results, PPK VS RTK, which one is better? Each has its own advantages. Autel EVO II Pro RTK V3 is now on sale. Come and learn more about the performance features of RTK drones.

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