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ADS-B for Drones

Autel EVO II Enterprise ADS-B Features Overview

The Autel EVO II enterprise aircraft is a powerful and multi-functional aerial work drone in the Autel EVO series. The drone pilots use commercial drones in many scenarios, so does anyone know the ADS-B function of the Autel EVO II enterprise aircraft? 

Autel enterprise drones can carry a variety of drone payloads, the built-in drone camera can reach 6k or 8k, and enterprise drones can also be equipped with megaphones, flashes, lights, RTK modules, making Autel EVO II Enterprise The machine can go deep into energy, minerals, industrial inspection, fire rescue and agricultural services.

The Autel enterprise drone has powerful performance. This article will introduce the ADS-B function of the Autel enterprise drone, so that the drone pilot can fully understand the ADS-B technology.

What Is ADS-B?

ADS-B Receiver

ADS-B stands for Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcasting, a relatively new form of aircraft surveillance technology. ADS-B allows any equipped aircraft to determine its position via satellite navigation and broadcast its position periodically for real-time tracking.

To reduce airspace congestion, the Federal Aviation Administration requires all aircraft in Class A, B, C, and E airspace to carry equipment that generates ADS-B Out broadcasts. Drones tend to fly in Class G airspace, and this rule does not apply.

ADS-B technology automates the process of broadcasting and receiving signals without user intervention. With ADS-B, each aircraft continuously emits a signal, and the drone equipped with the ADS-B receiver can read its current position, speed, altitude, and drone information.

There are two different types of ADS-B services - ADS-B In and ADS-B Out. ADS-B Out is used to determine and broadcast flight information such as flight path, speed and altitude. The ADS-B In is used to receive information broadcasts from the ADS-B Out transmitter.

All manned aircraft, including commercial flights and helicopters, are equipped with access services that allow them to broadcast and receive ADS-B signals. Some devices are purely ADS-B In, such as those in ground stations.

ADS-B Receiver for Autel EVO II Enterprise

Autel EVO II Enterprise

The Autel EVO II Enterprise aircraft has a built-in ADS-B Receiver that detects the presence of any nearby manned aircraft with an ADS-B signal, giving the operator enough time to take evasive measures to avoid mid-air collisions.

What Does The Autel EVO II Enterprise ADS-B News Mean For The Commercial Drone Industry?

"Thousands of pilots use ADS-B In every day to improve their situational awareness and ensure safe operations," said Rune Duke, senior director of airspace and air traffic for the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.

The law states that drones must always yield to manned aircraft. When commercial drones are equipped with ADS-B In transponders. This enables drone pilots to detect nearby aircraft even before they are within line of sight.

Can I Add ADS-B Capability To My Drone?

Aviation advocacy groups like AOPA recommend that drone pilots buy ADS-B receivers for their drones. People buying consumer drones tend to gravitate toward out-of-the-box use, and few recreational drone pilots are willing to retrofit their drones.

And most leading drone brand operators will install ADS-B function on professional drones, such as Autel EVO II Enterprise, DJI Enterprise. For pilots requiring ADS-B capabilities, some third-party solutions offer ADS-B sensors or ground stations. You can even get transceivers that support both ADS-B In and ADS-B Out services.

How Much Does It Cost To Install The ADS-B Function?

Drone ADS-B functionality is a very important feature for enterprise drones in need, and may also be used in consumer drones in the future. The drone market already has portable ADS-B devices for sale, and when the technology is not budget friendly for drones, it can easily outweigh the value of the consumer drone itself, the receiver or transponder of the ADS-B device, All can easily cost you over $500.

The Benefits Of Using ADS-B Technology For Drones

The installation of ADS-B functionality in drones is an effective protection mechanism for airspace security. With ADS-B, drone pilots can enjoy the benefits of situational awareness. When the quadcopter comes into close contact with a manned aircraft, the drone pilot is fully given time to make the decision to give way and avoid the risk of collision.

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