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Does Autel EVO 2 Have Zoom? Learn About Zoom Camera Drones

Excellent camera drones often have powerful camera functions. The Autel EVO II series now sells two drones, Autel EVO II Pro 6k drone, Autel EVO II Dual 8k drone, whether the powerful EVO II drone supports zoom function, See more.

Does Autel Robotics Have a Camera Drone With a Zoom Lens?

Autel Robotics has consumer drones and enterprise drones, consumer drones have the Autel EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series, and enterprise drones have the Autel EVO II Pro and Autel EVO II Dual drones with extra features series, they are all camera drones with zoom capabilities.

Zoom Cameras: Digital Zoom and Optical Zoom

The zoom capability of the camera includes optical zoom (optical zoom) and digital zoom (digital zoom). Both are useful for zooming in on distant objects when telephoto shots, true zoom cameras are more of an optical zoom capability, which doesn't hurt image quality.

Optical zoom relies on the movement of the optical lens to achieve the movement of the focal length, adding more pixels, so as to present the most beautiful picture quality after zooming in.

Digital zoom is a change in the vertical direction of the photosensitive device, which gives people a zoom effect. In fact, it is a kind of picture magnification, which is the result of enlarging part of the captured picture.

Optical zoom is true pixels, and it can restore distant scenes without any loss of quality, while digital zoom is at the expense of photo quality.

What Are The Zoom-Enabled Drones From Autel Robotics?

Autel EVO Nano series, Autel EVO Lite series support digital zoom 1-16x, Autel EVO II Pro/Dual camera supports 8x zoom and 4x lossless zoom, lossless zoom means that it is equivalent to optical zoom, can not damage the picture quality under the premise Zoom in to see details. How many times the drone camera zooms means how much closer to the object.

Autel EVO Nano&Lite Camera Drone

Does Autel EVO 2 Have Zoom?

Of course, the powerful camera drones of the Autel EVO 2 series also support the zoom function. Autel EVO II Pro uses a 6k lens with a maximum 8x digital zoom and 4x lossless zoom. Autel EVO II Dual has a powerful 8k lens, 4x It supports the collaborative work of thermal imager loads under lossless zoom, performs well in the dark, and is mostly used in search and rescue scenarios.

Autel EVO II Camera Drone

Does DJI Drone Have Zoom?

For DJI's most common camera drones, DJI Mini2 supports up to 4x digital zoom, DJI Air2s supports up to 8x digital zoom, and DJI Mini SE has no zoom function. Autel Drone vs DJI Drones (Zoom), obviously better.

When choosing a camera drone, obviously a camera drone with zoom is more attractive, opting for a camera drone with optical zoom will be better than a camera drone with digital zoom, it all depends on your drone aircraft needs and suitable drone budget.

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