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Autel EVO 2 VS Skydio 2 | Tracking Comparison

Autel EVO 2 VS Skydio 2 | Tracking Comparison

Both the Autel Evo and Skydio 2 is a hard choice to choose. These amazing drones are excellent in their way and entire flexible for action. Both of them have got pilot cameras attached so that various images can be done for time since the price of both the items is genuinely lower than the other compared drones on the market. So here is a little snippet of both the drones, differentiated according to their features and exceptional values.


EVO II Drone automatically tracks the target at a fixed distance.

The EVO II will try to maintain the flight behind the target. If the target stops moving, the aircraft hovers until the target starts moving again.

Dynamic Track allows you to highlight and mark moving objects using the mobile device. Once marked and the operation started, the aircraft will track the object as it moves. The aircraft will fly over and around objects automatically while maintaining track on the object.

EVO II tracks the target from the side at a relatively fixed distance.The parallel track is similar to the dynamic track. The flight trajectory of the aircraft will remain parallel to the target trajectory. If the aircraft starts tracking while on the side of the target, the aircraft will remain in the same position when tracking. The types of target recognition, target selection, startup, etc. are consistent with the dynamic tracking.

Skydio 2

There are a few different camera moves available for tracking, all accessible via the Beacon or the smartphone app. You can set the drone to follow you from forward, back, the side, or in-between angles, or you can set the drone to orbit as it tracks.

There are also some one-off shot options for times when you're steady—the drone does back-and-away Dronie and straight-up Rocket reveal shots, as well as corkscrew Vortex and Boomerang orbits. There's also a Cable Cam option, one that moves the drone between two points in space.

All of the shot modes are easy to access via the app, and you can swap camera positions, engage orbits, set follow distance, and even maneuver the drone manually using the buttons on the Beacon.

So which one is worth the money – Skydio 2 or Autel Evo 2?

The Skydio 2 is more suited for sports where you require fast shooting. It is more or less a pure tracking drone. Due to its very high computing power, it can track you extraordinarily during fast flight maneuvers. It also uses a different tracking technique. It does lack in camera segment and Autel is clearly better there.

Evo 2 is great! But take in account most computers can’t process the 8k videos in post or yet read them without lag. However, it is a much more powerful and complete machine and definitely a winner in this battle (if you are looking for the best allrounder drone). It is also a bit heavier, slower and more sluggish than what you get from Skydio 2 or even any of the Mavics – 2 Pro or Air 2. But it makes up for all of that with its brilliant camera performance and ultra high quality videos and photos.

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