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Autel Robotics Recommends Enterprise Product--EVO II Dual 640T Drone

Autel Robotics Recommends Enterprise Product--EVO II Dual 640T Drone

Have you heard of the Autel Robotics brand or the EVO series of drones? At CES 2020,The Bothell, Washington, U.S.-based drone design and manufacturing company shines brightly, with American-made EVO II Dual Bundles beginning to compete in the enterprise drone market.

Traditional Consumer Drones Serve Cameras

Photographers and filmmakers rely on them to capture high-quality images, and consumer-grade drones can capture better angles for photos and footage, keep cameras steady for longer, and help with video production as well. Considering that TV stations still use helicopters heavily, these technical advantages allow them to be used by TV stations as well, reducing the cost of aerial footage.

Thermal Radiation EVO II Dual 640T: What's the Use?

Since the release of the Autel EVO II Dual 640T, we've learned that the EVO II Dual 640T adds camera sensor options. The 640×512 radiation sensor is manufactured by InfiRay, a core manufacturer of thermal sensors in China. Radiation thermal imaging technology allows operators to measure and monitor real-time temperature data in thermal images.

Autel Robotics EVO II Dual Camera drone infrared Thermal Imaging

Autel Robotics has made a big breakthrough in drone hardware technology! High-resolution thermal images are captured in HD and temperature data is assigned to each pixel and stored for future on-site or off-site analysis. Almost all use cases for radiant heat data revolve around inspection. These include solar inspections, substations, roof inspections, and more.

Flying Experience with The EVO II Dual 640T Drone

The EVO II Dual 640T Enterprise aircraft is easy to operate, and the 7.9-inch remote control screen lets you even say it's fun. The Autel Explorer flight app is easy to navigate and overlays all the important information needed for safe flight directly on top of the camera's live feed.

The more you fly, the more you want to see. The EVO II Dual 640 T's support for up to 16x digital zoom (4x lossless) will allow you and your organization to see and identify in real-time what you've missed before. A huge benefit of the zoom feature is that it allows the pilot to maintain a safe standoff distance from obstacles while taking a closer look at objects in the frame.

When flying drones to capture thermal data during the day, a "picture-in-picture" feature that overlays thermal images on visual images is a game-changer. To date, this advanced imaging capability has only been available on hardware that costs more than twice the EVO II Dual 640T.

When flying at night, the large 7.9-inch display with adjustable brightness makes it easy to locate the smallest objects in the darkest places. At the same time, the omnidirectional obstacle avoidance of the EVO II Dual 640T also brought us surprises. The drone sensitively recognizes surrounding objects, and also dexterously avoids it when flying at night. This aircraft is very successful in nighttime imaging.

The EVO II Dual 640T flies very well in winds of up to 25 mph and has no problem maintaining position or keeping the drone on its intended route. This plane is not the plane you use to win your next FPV race or shoot for your next Hollywood movie.

As an enterprise-level drone product, Autel Robotics has also developed EVO II Enterprise, EVO II RTK Series, EVO II DUAL 640T, and EVO II Dual 640T is currently on sale in the Autelpilot store!

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