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Autel Enterprise Drones For Traffic Monitoring

Autel Enterprise Drones For Traffic Monitoring

Drone services are starting to appear in road traffic monitoring. Drones used for traffic monitoring provide an aerial perspective, collect and record real-time data, and help the flow of vehicles and people in dense traffic.

Why do we need drones for traffic monitoring?

Focus on traffic jams and construction

Traffic jams are a frequent occurrence, and in ground guidance, it is difficult for us to judge the situation. Using a drone for bird's-eye view shooting, and at the same time using the drone for live broadcast, will make the scene more visible.

Drone aerial video will be more intuitive and effective than on-site logs. Drone aerial photography is not only effective in monitoring progress, anticipating potential issues, and creating a visual log in case of disagreements on quantities, staging, or any other issue.

Parking study

Usually, in the parking research, the labor repetition and intensiveness of the staff to count the occupancy rate of the parking spot and the utilization rate of the parking lot are too high. The use of drone information mobile phones and monitoring can record in batches at different time periods to determine the busiest time of the day and which areas have unused capacity.

From the drone's bird's-eye view, it's easy to zoom in and see which parking areas are overcrowded and which are underutilized, as well as observe congestion and other issues.

How to choose a traffic monitoring drone?

EVO II Pro (6K) Enterprise Features

Traffic surveillance operations are undoubtedly one of the advanced drone use cases. Drones in this category must have long-flight endurance, mechanical safety, and high-definition cameras, which are critical for observation missions or long-duration data collection.

The Autel Enterprise Drone is already in use by some public safety agencies. EVO II Pro Enterprise has a 6k HD camera, 3x lossless zoom, 20MP still photos and 6k/30fps HD video.

Autel Enterprise Drone can be deployed for traffic systems, with a flight time of up to 42 minutes, to capture accurate, clear, real-time traffic flow views, combined with data analysis video software, they become powerful tools that can provide real-time, accurate information to make clear and concise decisions.

Application of UAVs in Transportation Missions

Autel Enterprise Drone is a foldable autonomous drone that is easy to transport and use. It has a dedicated drone package and can quickly start operating without hardware limitations.

Major improvements in drone technology have created new vitality in the transportation industry. It becomes useful in projects such as parking studies, traffic monitoring, and as a means of verifying site conditions.