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Autel Drone No-fly Zone

Autel Drone is About To Update The Drone No-fly Zone

My Autel drone won't take off? You may be in a no-fly zone for drones!

For a long time, Autel drones have not been restricted by geofences and can take off directly without applying for unlocking! But due to the current misuse of drones and the stricter regulation of commercial drones, we need to make some changes.

no-fly zone for drones

In order to ensure that the company's products and services are not used in violent conflicts, Autel drones will activate no-fly zone locks in sensitive areas. Once the drone is in the no-fly zone, the drone will not be able to start flying.

Autel drones cover consumer drones and commercial drones. The no-fly zone update will first cover the EVO II V3 series and EVO MAX series. Subsequent EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, and Autel Dragonfish series will also receive version update notifications.

Once the Autel drone is updated, the no-fly zone will always exist!

Awareness and compliance with closed airspace (areas where drones cannot be flown) becomes a key issue. It is correct and advantageous that drones cannot be flown within no-fly zones, which eliminates potential safety, privacy, data protection and environmental risks.

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