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Autel Drone Request Demo Program

Autel Drone Request Demo Program

Undoubtedly, drones are one of the contemporary high-tech products, but in the drone market where good and bad are intermingled, how can we better judge the product performance of drones? It is important to review product performance before making a purchasing decision.

In this regard, Autel Robotics is fully aware of this and has launched a drone demonstration program. We are proud to offer potential customers the opportunity to demonstrate any drone we offer. Our goal is to provide a tactile experience of our products and their capabilities, enabling you to see for yourself how they can enhance your business or institution's operations.

How can I join the Autel Drone Demo Program?


1. You work at an enterprise or mid-size company.

2. You have clear business need for drone adoption.

3. You and your team can attend a demo virtual or physically.

4. You have budget available for purchase in the next 3-6 months.

5. You have funding available in the case of special drone demo scenarios.

What types of drones can apply for the Autel Drone Demonstration Program?

If you are interested in the Autel drone demonstration program, the following are our approved models, EVO Nano+, EVO Lite+, EVO II Series V3, EVO Max 4T, Dragonfish. As a video transmitter, Live Deck 2 can provide real-time video streaming to multiple terminal devices for EVO II Series V3, EVO Max 4T, and Dragonfish, which is also planned.

Where do I apply to join the Autel Drone Demonstration Program?

Fill in the application form of the Autel drone Demonstration Program accurately and in detail, and wait for approval!

Autel Drone Demonstration Program Application Form

To complete the form go to:

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